Top 10 Quietest and Best Wave Maker for Freshwater Aquarium in 2024

The movement of water is crucial to the running of an aquarium. The ability to increase the flow of water through your aquarium is vital, and installing the best wave maker for freshwater aquariums is an excellent option in 2024 to accomplish this.

They are used to boost the natural flow of the ocean. waves makers can give you more control over the ocean ecosystem and make it simpler to keep a reef in good shape. tank.

Technology has advanced in a great way since I first started working in aquariums. Before that, there were conventional powerheads that would disperse the water at a certain flow rate and stream into the water column.

These are known as wave makers, which provide an increased and larger stream of water flow to your aquarium.

In addition, there are DC-powered wavemakers that provide many control options and lower power consumption.

A number of companies have gotten into the game with the wave maker of their choice but which is the top fish-friendly wavemaker?

There are many wavemakers. Which one is the most suitable option for your needs?

This post should make it easier for you to decide what are the quietest and best wave maker for a freshwater aquarium you have.

Best-Rated Aquarium Wave Maker Reviews In 2024

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Okay, here’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for:). I’d like to share some background information to help know what I am looking for when reviewing these wave makers for aquariums.

Each of these makers meets certain of the criteria that are listed above. However, they do not meet all (as the only one that is able to meet all these criteria will cost a lot! ).

I’ll walk you through each of the aquarium wave makers in the following list and offer my recommendations based on my personal experience at the close.

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In a Hurry? The Best WaveMaker for Freshwater Aquariums would be the Tunze 6055 If you’re operating a nano tank, then the IceCap 2k would be the ideal choice for you.

Things to Take Into Account When Purchasing the Aquarium Wavemaker (Top Criteria)

Which is the Best WaveMaker for Freshwater Aquarium? It’s not easy to choose the best aquarium wave maker.

In this post we’ll talk about how you can choose the right WaveMaker for your set-up, at the final, I’ll provide the individual reviews of each product to help you determine what you’re looking for.

  • Cost – Some of the wavemakers are extremely affordable and others are expensive.
  • Warranty – A company that creates a reliable and solid wave maker will back their wave makers for aquariums with a solid guarantee.
  • Durability What are the field-tested tales from these devices? Do they have a history of operation for many years or are they broken every six months? If they do break Are they affordable enough to warrant being thrown away?
  • Safety – This isn’t an issue with AC-powered wave makers however, DC-powered wave makers come with their own power source. It is important to make sure that the power source is water-tight at the point of connection and that it is either ETL or UL-rated. ETL or UL rating guarantees that your insurance will cover any incident that might happen.

The 10 Quietest and Best Wave Maker for Freshwater Aquarium Reviews

IceCap Gyre – The Best Price on the market!

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Its IceCap Gyre is the first gyre pump that is on the list. What exactly is a gyre, you ask? A gyre can be described as a water pump that is built in crossflow tech.

In comparison to conventional powerheads or wave makers, the gyre has superior power to generate waves.

The effect of a gyre will be that there aren’t any dead spots, with evenly spread water flow within aquariums, as well as the water is able to move between the two sides to create full circulation in a “gyre.”

The Ice Cap gyre is a basic model. It begins with a reasonable cost considering that it is a 2K model that can easily manage the 36” fish tank.

It is equipped with a controller and also a Battery backup system that can work together, giving you an all-in-one solution to an outage in power that is ready to go.

The primary drawback of a Gyre over an aquarium maker is that they need more care to maintain their best running condition. They’re quite large when compared to a small wave maker.

They’re louder than many other wave generators on the list. If noise isn’t a problem it is a great water circulation system worth taking a look at.

Ideal for Saltwater/freshwater aquariums

Jebao SOW Series Wave Maker Pump – A Silent, Value-Priced, DC Wavemaker

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Jebao SOW Wave Maker Flow Pump Jebao SOW The Flow Pump model is the most recent model DC wavemaker manufactured by Jebao. There are many different models made by Jebao and I’ve included the most up-to-date edition.

The most notable aspect of the SOW The main feature of the SOW Flow Pump can be found in its Sine Wave technology. What exactly is Sine Wave technology? Sine Wave makes the DC converter more stable. As it is it produces less noise.

The latest model by Jabeo is a serious contender to the top-of-the-line wave makers with an unbeatable price and a dead-quiet operation.

The controller comes with a variety of options for making waves and the ability to feed. Jabeo offers a pre-made battery backup solution, so you’re well-equipped to have the complete solution for battery backup.

The biggest drawback of the Jabeo pump is the name. The previous models were not the most reliable, with pumps bursting before the time they were due to not working properly.

If you are able to purchase the device with a warranty that is extended strongly recommend you purchase it. The good news is that these wavemakers are inexpensive for a DC wavemaker. Therefore, some hobbyists might consider them to be disposable.


  • Sine Wave tech makes this very silent
  • Many features of the controller
  • Excellent price


  • Upto 40 gallons only (Expert Recommendation)

Ideal for: Freshwater/Saltwater Aquariums

The Current USA EFlux Wavemakers – Integrates with Loop LEDs as well as Dead Silent!

CURRENT USA 660 GPH eFlux Nano Wave Maker Pump Kit (6000) | Magnetic DC Powerhead with LED Display Controller for Saltwater Tank, 132-660 GPH Aquarium Water Circulation Pump 5 to 30 Gallon, Black
  • PREMIUM WAVE PUMP KIT- Efflux controllable wave pumps simulate water...
  • COMPLETE SYSTEM- Kits come with magnetic swivel bracket, foam cover,...
  • ADJUSTABLE DIRECTION- The adjustable swivel bracket provides...
  • EASY WIRELESS CONTROL- Wireless IR remote provides an effortless way...
  • MAGNETIC MOUNT- eFlux Wave Pumps use a magnetic bracket which is easy...

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This list starts with a fantastic entry from Current USA and their EFlux Wavemakers. This Current USA EFlux can be found in a range of models, ranging that range from up to 660 gallons/hour all the way to a capacity of over 2100 Gallons each hour.

The primary feature is the fact that they’re part of the Current Loop system that is interconnected with each other. It is compatible with Current America’s Best Reef LED offering – the Loop LEDs.

I’ve used the system and am able to confirm the quiet operation of this system.

My experience with Current USA has also been outstanding, with them doing their best to help me with warranty claims. It was not too expensive either!

What’s to dislike? The choices for the wave maker are restricted. There are only three options for the wave maker: pulse, stream, and Gyre.

Gyre can be used only when it is paired with an EFlux wave maker. The manifold is only able to support 3 wave makers. This is a concern for larger tanks for fish or high-water flow systems.

Overall, it’s an excellent entry to start the list!


  • It is compatible With the Current USA Loop LED for an all-in-one control
  • At present, customer service in the USA is outstanding
  • VERY Quiet


  • Optional wave maker with limited options
  • Gyre mode can only be used with two pumps that are synced
  • Manifold supports only 3 wave makers.

Ideal for Aquariums that are Freshwater or Saltwater

Hydor Koralia Wave Makers – Excellent Choice for Affordable and Reliable AC Powered Wavemakers

Hydor Koralia Evolution Circulation & Wave Pump , 550-600 GPH
  • New and improved vibration absorbing magnet and suction cup support....
  • New shaft-less impeller technology with flow rate of 600 gph ideal for...
  • Power absorbed: 5 Watts. 50% less power consumption and up to 20% more...
  • Sphere joint: adjustable flow direction
  • Smaller design than older style Koralia pumps with similar flow rates,...

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The Hydor Koralia Wavemaker was and is still an extremely popular wavemaker. It was the first wave maker available on the market which spawned several of these other models.

It is a dependable wave maker among many older reef keepers. It’s only become less popular due to the proliferation of DC-powered wave makers as well as their countless features that are controllable.

Hydor Koralia wave maker uses the most reliable AC technology. It’s basically a plug-and-forget system that is based on the time it’s been around.

It is able to alter 180 degrees beating the majority of competitors who can only adjust upwards and down.

This is an excellent alternative if you plan to install a wave maker within the corners of your aquarium.

Since it’s not a DC waves maker, Hydor isn’t equipped with many of the functions that can be controlled by the. But, Hydor also had one of the first wave maker controllers.

If you buy the controller for the wavemaker You will get the control you desire and the AC reliability. My only complaint when you buy the wave maker and controller is that it’s louder than other DC wave makers such as those from Current USA.

I generally consider noise levels to be one of the main factors in installations. This is the primary reason why I don’t use these for residential installations.


  • Affordable price
  • Proven AC technology
  • 180-degree adjust-ability


  • Uncontrollable by itself
  • Louder than other DC pumps.

Ideal for: Freshwater/Saltwater Aquariums

Fluval Sea CP Wavemakers – Finally Hagen Gets Serious About The Marine Hobby

Fluval Sea CP1 Circulation Pump for Freshwater & Saltwater Aquariums, 14345
  • Simulates natural reef currents to make your tank inhabitants feel at...
  • Compact-yet-powerful space-saving design minimizes tank intrusion
  • Adjustable 270-degree directional flow for custom currents
  • Secure, flexible mounting for easy installation and repositioning
  • Energy-efficient, European engineered and manufactured circulation...

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Hagen the parent company behind Fluval has been a household brand in the industry of freshwater for many years.

When they began to seriously consider saltwater aquariums that matched their brand new Fluval Sea brand, the industry started to pay attention.

Fluval Sea CP Wavemakers Fluval Sea CP Wavemakers represent the first major look at a reliable wavemaker designed for saltwater tanks.

It is backed by the trusted European engineering we recognize and appreciate of Hagen and the affordable prices that come with Hagen’s vast distribution network.

It is also only the second AC-powered wavemaker on our list.

AC-powered wavemakers generally can be more durable than DC-powered wavemakers. Their technology is established, and there are fewer problems to think about when you plug the device into a power source or controller.

The most important thing I’ll be scolding Hagen for is his use of suction cups. A suction cup that was a magnet would have been much appreciated.

Like most AC wavemakers There are no modes or functions that can be adjusted, which is why you’ll have to purchase a different accessory for your wavemaker to adjust the settings on it.


  • Hagen brand name
  • Excellent price
  • AC-powered means a proven technology that is reliable and reliable.


  • Utilizes a standard suction cup, not the base of a magnet suction cup
  • Bulky
  • Unadjustable or controlled (unless you purchase a Wavemaker controller)

It ideal for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums

Maxspect Gyre XF Series – The Advanced Gyre for Advanced Reefers

Maxspect XF330 Gyre Pump and Controller Package Wavemaker
  • Max Flow 2,350 gph
  • For aquariums from 25 to 100+ gallons
  • Applicable for glass or acrylic aquariums up to 1/2 in.
  • 5-35 watts

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The Maxspect Gyre XF Series is the latest third-generation Gyre. The new generation of gyres is redesigned so that there are fewer components and a more user-friendly assembly that makes maintenance easier.

The most striking improvement to these gyres is the removable water flow directories that permit you to put the pump nearer to an aquarium’s surface.

They are compatible using those using the CV6 controller made by CoralVue which means that if you’re planning to upgrade to the older version, you won’t have to buy another controller.

It is a gyre that is loaded with features that are typical of a top-quality product. It comes with a premium price label. It’s worth it for those who are developing a top-quality system.


  • Fantastic features
  • It can be placed higher than other gyres.
  • The quietest gyre available on the market


  • Expensive
  • Still bulky and large when compared to other wavemakers

Best for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums

SunSun JVP Wavemakers – The Lowest-Priced Wavemaker for Those Who Are On a Tight Budget!

SUN 2 Piece JVP Series Submersible Circulation Power Head Pump, 530 GPH
  • Wide-spread range which is ideal for freshwater or marine aquarium
  • Totally submersible and oil-free motor to avoid pollution to the...
  • 360 degree rotation to allow full flow directions

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Cheap, and affordable! If you’re in search of an inexpensive wave maker inexpensive and easy to use, SunSun JVP Wavemakers is the best choice. SunSun JVP Series Wave Makers are the ones you’re seeking.

It is easily the most inexpensive aquarium wave maker on the list. It’s the SunSun JVP wake maker is so inexpensive, I’m not sure what the manufacturer does to earn profits on these devices with the added shipping cost.

However, they are strong and inexpensive wavemakers and are ideal for people with small budgets.

They’re available in a variety of GPH (gallons each hour) choices, and a number of packages available on the internet will include two units. This is great because you can count on these units will not last long.

The pumps are so inexpensive that you could almost forget the concerns about durability.

I would not personally utilize them for the tanks I display, however, I do use them on my mixing stations, as well as when I make water changes.

Their value is unquestionably incomparable. duplicated.


  • Extremely inexpensive
  • High-flow rate and lots of options GPH (gallons each hour) options


  • Chinese quality = be prepared for that they won’t last.
  • Loud when compared to other wavemakers in this list.
  • Suction cup in place of magnet

Best for Freshwater/Saltwater Aquariums

Tunze Nanostreams – The Most Reliable Wavemaker on The Market.

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Do you want to buy an aquarium wave maker and not have to worry about it over the course of 10 years?

This is how everything Tunze created is manufactured and the Tunze Nanostreams aren’t any different.

With the proliferation of cheap, Chinese-made pumps in our aquaculture industry, we have developed one of the strongest and most efficient wavemakers available.

The style is so well-crafted that they haven’t even thought of launching a new model in years!

Tunze is one of the Eheim in the industry of saltwater. It is well-known for its products that stand for a long time.

They do not advertise frequently however anyone who has worked for years working in the field can testify to their brand’s quality.

This particular model comes with a controller that offers a lot of features. The controller itself is able to turn 180 degrees as the Hydor.

If you’re looking to go for DC energy, Tunze sells a DC Nanostream version and a DC Nanostream Version that is more powerful and feature-rich.

It’s really a shame that EcoTech owns a patent for their mag drive technology since Tunze’s reliability is far superior.

My sole complaint about these pumps. They appear old since they’ve not been updated in a long time as well as the wiring is in the aquarium.

They’re big and bulky and can easily be seen in the aquarium. Tunze offers accessories for rock mounting however it’s not much since you have to figure out what you want to accomplish with that wire within the tank.

It can be the longest-lasting maker of pumps time and time again. If you’re looking for a reliable pump that lasts forever Get the Tunze. You’ll be thankful in the future.


  • Incredible reliability
  • Highly adjustable control
  • 360-degree adjustability
  • AC or DC versions are available.


  • Massive and bulky in appearance
  • Expensive

It ideal for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums

Sicce Voyager Power Stream Pump

SICCE Voyager 2 Wave Maker Flow Pump 800 GPH | 360°Adjustable Quiet Submersible Magnetic Powerhead for Saltwater & Freshwater Tanks, Quiet Aquarium Water Circulation Pump 15 to 90 Gallons
  • VOYAGER: This range of stream pumps has been designed for both marine...
  • FISH FIRST TECHNOLOGY: The Voyager range can be turned on and off...
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: The pump features a self-cleaning impeller and a...
  • LONG TERM USE: At Sicce, we expect the traditional use of the Voyager...
  • SICCE has been present in the aquarium and gardening market for over...

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Sicce boasts a rich track record of making high-quality water pumps for aquarium enthusiasts.

The Voyager Stream pump is Sicce’s version of circulators for aquariums. The style is quite different from the standard “caged impeller” circulation pumps.

The end of the business of the pump, where the water is pumped out, is more reminiscent of a Gatling machine gun, rather than the water pump.

A water outlet is a set of ports, arranged in circles. The ports do not spin, but they serve a function. The flow of water can be decreased by turning the outlet of the pump that closes the ports.

So, what’s the major significance? It’s the Voyager Stream Pump sends out an enormous amount of liquid (adjustable) with a broad flow pattern.

In contrast to power heads or circulation pumps, the Voyagers will not blast water onto one tiny spot of your aquarium’s reef or plant.

The Voyager Stream Pumps are set to start with the correct rotation and block out the chatter. The pumps are attached to the aquarium via the typical magnetic through-the-glass mount.

Sicce utilizes powerful magnets and premium rubber to withstand saltwater, without becoming tough or fragile. The Pumps feature a 180-degree aiming range.

One important note. The pump is secured inside a one-piece yoke. The wingnut that holds the pump inside the cradle could be too tight and can cause distortion to the body of the pump. This could cause an annoying click.

Do not over-tighten the wingnut! They are simple set-it-and-leave-it pumps.

They don’t have programming or wireless control options. However, you can control them using a Sicce Wave Surfer controller.

Adjusting the flow of water is made through setting intervals of switching and feeding times of 4 minutes and eight-hour slow0flow night mode settings.

Sicce Voyager Stream pumps are available in three sizes:

  • Voyager 2. 800 gallons of water per hour
  • Voyager 3: 1200 Gallons an hour
  • Voyager 4: 16000 gallons a minute (rated for tanks of 125 Gallons)


  • A reliable start-up.
  • Quiet.
  • Excellent flow.
  • Useful in conjunction with a basic controller.
  • 3-year warranty.


  • All pumps have the same dimensions: 5.95″ x 3.2″ 3.05″ 3.05″.
  • It’s too big for a nano tank.

Ideal for Freshwater/Saltwater Aquariums

TAAM Mini Polario 10ML Low Voltage

Mini Polario 10ML Low Voltage Water Pump - 1500 to 2600 GPH
  • Energy efficient
  • Two water pumps in one
  • High laminar water flow that similate oceans currents

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TAAM is famous as the manufacturer of Rio water pumping, now introduced this innovative wave-making pump.

It is the Polario series of circulators that make use of low voltage to ensure security.

The automatic controller will periodically reverse the pump’s flow rate. This implies that you can say that the Polario can be bi-directional.

The pump causes the back-and-forth water surges that are found in a natural reef. Instead of having two pumps the Polario system simply reverses the impeller rotation of the pump to produce opposing water surges.

The program functions as follows flow settings: 50% power for 5 seconds 75% power for 5 seconds and 100% power for 5 seconds, then 5 seconds delay.

The same cycle continues on the other side. The flow rate ranges from 1,500 – 2,600 gph. The magnetic mount makes it simple to place anywhere in the aquarium.

The pump’s screen could be larger to stop small fish and snails from being too close to it.


  • Bi-directional outputs simulate natural currents and waves from the sea.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Small size – 2.1″ in size 2.4″.
  • There is no programming required.
  • A single water pump is needed to produce waves.
  • It can be used behind a live rock.


  • The wave maker cycle could be adjustable

It ideal for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums

The Most Effective Aquarium Wave-Makers (Our Recommendation)

I’ve provided a number of options for wave makers that can meet a variety of budgets and preferences however, you might be looking for a recommendation.

Since every person’s needs are different We have the following suggestions based on the following criteria:

  • The Best Aquarium Wave Makers For Small Budgets The Hydor Koralia Aquarium Wave Maker Hydor Koralia
  • The Best Aquarium Wave Maker for Overall Water Flow IceCap Gyre
  • Most Reliable Wavemaker – Tunze Nanostreams
  • Quietest Wavemaker Current USA EFlux

How to Install an Aquarium Wavemaker (Positioning the Wavemaker)

Wavemakers are very simple to set up. Depending on whether you have suction cups or a magnetically attached model the process differs.

If you have suction cups, just stick them on the glass aquarium or acrylic. They could include an adjustable knob or tab that you can use to give more suction power however that’s really everything there’s to it.
If you’re using magnets, it’s simple to put both magnets on the outside of the aquarium. Then, you can place the wet side magnet inside the tank.

When the wet and dry ends have done their work the only thing you have to do is alter the height of the wave maker is hold the dry and wet sides while moving the device to the desired position.

The next step is to select the ideal location for your aquarium’s wave maker is somewhat of a difficult subject.

I’m going to concentrate on saltwater aquariums because the water flow is so crucial for corals.

Why A Wave Maker? (Benefits of an Aquarium Wave Maker)

You might have seen traditional powerheads at the local fish shop or pet chain shop and we’ll discuss why you should think about using a wavemaker instead of the powerhead.

Natural Water Flow

A wavemaker in the aquarium creates an appearance more natural flow pattern that resembles the natural look. A conventional powerhead produces more precisely and has a fixed stream of water that could cause disturbance to aquarium fish and corals.

It’s much easier to maintain adequate water flow along the waterline by using the use of a wavemaker. It can help eliminate any scum that accumulates on the top of the waterline.

Perfect for Corals As Well As Invertebrates in Your Saltwater Tank

Corals in a tank require a variable and constant flow. Certain corals require an extremely high volume of flow that is only possible to obtain by using the use of a wave maker.

There are many wave makers that have the capacity to generate an amount of more than two hundred gallons of flow, with different settings.

These settings are designed to mimic nature and help your corals flourish. Anemones and other invertebrates will benefit too from the flow created by these waves.

Eliminates Dead Spots

Wavemakers such as Gyres are perfect for eliminating dead spots because of their design to cover every level of the fish tank. It is also possible to achieve this by using several wavemakers.

When in freshwater, it makes sure that oxygen is distributed evenly within the tank. When saltwater is used, it guarantees the constant flow of oxygen and also prevents debris and cyanobacteria spores from growing in dead zones.

Ideal Power Outage Solutions for Larger Tanks

We don’t like discussing it, but preparing for a power loss is crucial since it’s one of the primary reasons behind a tank’s collapse. In larger fish tanks batteries-powered air pumps won’t do the job completely.

It is here that a DC-powered oscillator can come into play. Because they require only a small amount of power they can be connected to continuous power sources (UPS) and run for a long time.

Certain manufacturers even create their own power outage solutions, which allow the system to operate for days!

Different Types of Aquarium Pumps (What Makes a Wavemaker Different?)

If you’re a novice to this hobby, then you might be confused about the various types of pumps and what makes them different. There are four types of pumps for aquariums in the hobby. Not all of them are suitable for making waves:

  • Filtration Pumps will be the pumps that are typically seen in power filters. They are engineered to produce an extremely high-pressure water stream and also have an impeller to block back pressure. It is also more energy consumption requirement. As a stand-alone unit, it’s not suitable to be used for wave making.
  • Circulation Pumps – Also referred to as return pumps. These pumps are designed to transfer water from one place to another. For instance from a sump, towards the display tank. They can be put on the base of the sump or on the outside according to the design. They are not suitable for making waves.
  • Powerheads – These are the classic powerheads from the past. They are the ones we were using. They create a narrow, high-pressure flow of water. They may also have diffusers that soften the blast of water and aren’t able to be controlled using an electronic wavemaker controller that could switch it off and on. They are also known for sucking small fish due to their design. Some powerheads such as those of the MJ1200 are highly reliable units.

AC and DC Wavemakers – Knowing the Differences

Before we get into the details of all wavemakers, I will clarify the distinctions between AC and DC wavemakers. AC wavemakers are built upon outdated technology and are plug-and-play.

The top brands Fluval and Hydor have built their AC wavemakers with high-quality, tested components and engineering. This means that AC wavemakers are highly robust and less susceptible to failure.

On the cost side of the equation, AC wavemakers are going to be more affordable than DC wavemakers.

Large fish tanks are louder and consume more energy. They might not be the best for power outages due to the energy required for their operation.

DC Wavemakers is the new technology to hit the market. They provide lower energy consumption and are a major benefit for large fish tanks or reef tanks that require tons of flow.

They are able to produce more gallons of water per hour than other AC wavemakers. Additionally, in general, they are quiet – to the point that they are almost silent.

They are able to be programmed using controllers and some come with their own. The controllers offer a variety of different options for aquarists to customize.

But, with all this new technology is a risk of reliability. A lot of DC wavemakers are manufactured and manufactured in China.

This may cause issues regarding quality control, particularly when it comes to low-cost DC wavemakers.

DC Wavemakers have three failure points in comparison. three for one for an AC wavemaker. With DC wavemakers, you’ll have the power supply, controller, and motor being failure points. For AC wavemakers, the only thing you need to be concerned about is your motor leaking.


Is a Wave Maker Good for a Freshwater Aquarium?

It is true that the water flow can produce waves on the surface, which aid in the flow of oxygen into your tank, which is crucial. A wave maker can also aid in keeping your water sparkling and clear. When debris builds up within your tank, it may easily become stuck in the background or beneath an ornamental piece.

Which Wave Maker is Best for Aquariums?

The 10 Best Aquarium Wave Makers Are –
IceCap Gyre Series
Jabeo SOW Series Wavemakers
Current USA EFlux Wavemakers
Hydor Koralia Wavemakers
Fluval Sea CP Series Wavemakers
Maxspect Jump Gyre 4K Flow pump With Controller
Sun JVP Series Wavemakers
Tunze Nanostream
Sicce Voyager Power Stream Pump
TAAM Mini Polario 10ML Low Voltage

Where Do Freshwater Tank Wavemakers Be Installed?

As your intake strainer sits located at the lower part of the tank, it’s been stated that the ideal position for a wavemaker will be at the highest point of the tank to create a surface aggregation. Therefore, your device is likely to be located to the left of the tank, along with the intake of your filter.

Is a Powerhead the Same As a Wave Maker?

A powerhead in a fish tank usually emits a narrow stream of water that only goes one way, while waves are designed to replicate the back-and-forth motion of ocean waves. For more details, read our complete article on the circulation of water.

What is the Best Way to Choose a Right Wavemaker?

When you are choosing a wavemaker the design of the pump is important due to the flow patterns it’s equipped to create. Knowing the various flow patterns is crucial so you can pick the right pump that will give you the flow you’re searching for.

What Size Wavemaker Do I Need for My Aquarium?

The Turbelle NanoStreams come in different sizes, so it is recommended to look for one that can change your tank’s water volume between 10 and 50 times per hour. This means that if you’ve got 20-gallon tanks, look for a model that is capable of a minimum of 200 gph. It is best to go at least 1,000!

Does a Wavemaker Cause Harm to Fish?

The greatest risk is when they’re turned off when a fish enters. If you don’t take notice and then turn it back on, you could be in for the worst of it. Fish that are healthy don’t get injured by wavemakers, as a general rule.

How Long Should Wavemaker Run For?

The adult stage of fish If you have to remove droplets from your fish, it’s recommended to keep it on for 5 minutes each hour throughout the day, but not from 12:01 midnight to 8 am. If you don’t have to eliminate droplets from your fish, you can switch it off for two hours after each meal.

Do Wavemakers Help Oxygenate the Water?

Wavemakers are water surge devices employed in aquariums to generate waves similar to those found in seas and oceans. They stimulate the water, allowing it to circulate in the aquarium, which assists in providing oxygen to the fish as well as invertebrates.

Final Verdict: The Best Aquarium Wavemakers

I hope that following this article, you’ll be in a position to understand the benefits of using wavemakers over powerheads, and which are the best available wavemakers.

There’s a top aquarium wave maker for everybody depending on your preferences and budget.

All of them can be used for freshwater aquariums all way in reef tanks.
Two of my favorites are the Tunze 6055 as well as The IceCap 2k.

If you’re operating a huge aquarium, it’s impossible to be wrong with the Tunze. It’s a high-end product, and, yes, you won’t have as many features as other models, however, it can do the job you require it to do and it does it quietly.

And when IceCap makes available the 2K one, you should not miss this option when you’re running the nano tank. It’s incredibly affordable and gives an array of outstanding features, which include the desired flow of gyres.

The best aqua wave maker is Tunze 6055. If you’re running a nano tank the IceCap 2k is the best choice for you.

Dibyajyoti Bordoloi is the creator and author of, a third-generation experienced fish keeper and owner of a successful pet breeding farm. He is also a member of the Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation And Conservation (Assam), the Marine Aquarium Societies of North East India, and the Kaziranga Nature Conservancy of Assam.