Kessil a500x Review: Best Tuna Blue LED Aquarium Light

The Kessil a500x light is an aquarium light for reefs. It has a totally novel design and is loaded with more energy than any other light we’ve seen before in a spotlight-like form factor.

Kessil a500x Review: The Kessil A500X is an amazing light that is perfect for SPS aquariums. I’m using one fixture on a 60-gallon cube and am having no trouble keeping SPS coral in the tank.

I also keep some clams in my sandy bed which have seen a lot of growth within a couple of minutes. I love how simple it is to change the hue of the light, from light blue and white.

I discovered that the Violet channel helps bring out the more fluorescent pop from your corals. I set it at 60% and my Color set to 30%. The light is extremely intense, and you’ll want to adjust the brightness using a PAR meter if you have one available.

Since their inception, Kessil has come to clarify what is possible with light-emitting diodes that emit a lot of photons out of a very small point source, but the Kessil A500X takes it to a new level.

It’s one of the Best Reef Tank Lights for Hobbyists using SPS Corals, Deep Tanks, or Deep Pockets. Kessil A500X is an extremely powerful LED with 185W of high-intensity specifically designed for the experienced SPS growing corals.

The beam of this top-of-the-line A500X is adjustable by using optional 35 or 55-degree reflectors, allowing SPS corals to flourish in all kinds of conditions.

Kessil A500X LED Aquarium Light
  • The A500X is a powerful 185W high intensity LED designed specifically...
  • Many aquarium setups will require you to use more than one Kessil...
  • Dimensions: 3.7" x 5.2" / 9.4cm x 13.3cm. Unit Weight: 1.72lb /...
  • Includes: 1x A500X Tuna Blue; 1x Power Adapter; 1x AC Adapter Cable;...
  • Coverage - The newly designed A500X optics along with the latest...

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Kessil a500x Tuna Blue LED Aquarium Light Overview

Dimensions3.7″ x 5.2″ / 9.4cm x 13.3cm (H x D)
Unit Weight1.72lb / 0.78kg
SpectrumTuna Blue + Red + Green + Purple (Violet+Indigo)
Coverage36″x36″ for SPS Dominant Systems
Control OptionsManual Knobs, WiFi Dongle, Spectral Controller X
Mounting OptionsA-Series Gooseneck, Mounting Arm, Hanging Ring
Power Adapter100-240V AC 50-60Hz (Input), 48V DC (Output)
Power ConsumptionAC 185W Max

The A500X is an impressive 185W high-intensity LED specially designed for experienced SPS coral growers.

This fixture combines the most recent Dense Matrix LED technology with the unique Kessil Logic and delivers a focused light that is well-blended with a spectrum for optimal SPS health, growth, and color.

The beam of the A500X is adjustable by using optional 35 or 55-degree reflectors. This allows SPS corals to flourish in all kinds of conditions.

A lot of aquariums require more than one a500x by Kessil and you might require a Spectral ControllerX and a Gooseneck as well as a Mounting Arm with each lamp.

Through the use of the Spectral controllerX, it is possible to control the intensity and blend of the light throughout the day and at night.

Coverage – The new A500X optics, along with the most recent technology Dense Matrix LED array provide the lightest and help eliminate shading.

What’s included in the box? It includes 1x A500X Tuna Blue 1x Power Adapter and 1x AC Adapter Cable 1x Hanging Ring 2x Metal Screw Hook 2x Hanging Bracket and 1x 55-degree Reflector. Dimensions: 3.7″ x 5.2″ / 9.4cm x 13.3cm.

Unit Weight: 1.72lb / 0.78kg. Spectrum: Tuna Blue + Red + Green + Purple. Power Adapter: 100-240V AC 50-60Hz (input), 48V DC (output). Energy Consumption AC maximum 185W.

The A500X is the latest edition to Kessil’s expanding Aquarium Series which made its debut in the market in 2009, with A160.

Fast-forward to the right… around… Now. Amazing, how 12 years went by in a flash!

I remember feeling excited about Kessil’s future in the hobby after testing their original smaller-than-a-soda-can A160 light that shone so bright thanks to Kessil’s patented Dense Matrix Technology.

This little light set the entire industry. Its build quality was excellent. The spectrum was perfect. It was easy to control. And it was reasonably priced. We can claim the same for A500X?

Let’s review the whole A-Series in order to refresh your memories of their stellar lineup of well-known products. While most of the A-Series share a cylindrical design similar to the A500X Kessil offers a few panel lights.

The highly-rated AP9X is the other Kessil’s recent lighting release. It was released last year and went to market just prior to the Philips CoralCare. Both were awe-inspiring and received positive reviews from industry experts as well as the general reef-keeping community.

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Coverage Specifications

A8018″x18″13″-24″Low Light
A160WE24″x24″13″-24″Low Light
A360NE24″x24″25″-36″+Mixed Reef
A360WE36″x36″25″-36″+Mixed Reef
AP70036″x36″25″-36″+Mixed Reef
AP9X36″x36″25″-36″+Mixed Reef
A500X36″x36″25″-36″+SPS Dominant
Kessil A500X LED Aquarium Light
  • The A500X is a powerful 185W high intensity LED designed specifically...
  • Many aquarium setups will require you to use more than one Kessil...
  • Dimensions: 3.7" x 5.2" / 9.4cm x 13.3cm. Unit Weight: 1.72lb /...
  • Includes: 1x A500X Tuna Blue; 1x Power Adapter; 1x AC Adapter Cable;...
  • Coverage - The newly designed A500X optics along with the latest...

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A Performance-Built LED suitable for Deep Tanks with SPS Corals

The hobby of aquariums has numerous layers and dimensions to it. As with other hobbies that you can get in, the more advanced it gets. The art of keeping live corals is definitely to the upper echelon of the fi. This is especially the case for SPS corals. One of the main needs in this respect happens to be the lighting.

There is an endless number of options in the realm of beginner and intermediate setups the choices begin to narrow significantly when it comes to lighting for advanced setups. For instance, one uses SPS corals.

The one brand that has delivered top-quality products in this category is Kessil and their new A500X Tuna Blue has raised the bar even further.

The Benefits Of Led With The Power Of Halides

For a long period, the only feasible lighting solution for highly SPS corals as well as other corals with similar demands on light has been halides.

While they’re fantastic for the lighting output and the range of colors required, however, they are large and heavy, while also consuming plenty of power and producing lots of heat.

LEDs could be the ideal solution to the above issues however, they also have limitations, which is at present. They were unable to provide the intense light required for SPS corals within a shape size that was suitable. Halides were the only alternative. However, Halides are now the best option. Kessil A500X is a game changer that gives you the best of both worlds while keeping the disadvantages of both at bay.

Despite its small size, it is strong at 185 Watts. It is made possible by Dense Matrix LED technology. Simply put it allows for 100 LEDs to fit into the space of a tiny area.

Normally, a large arrangement of LEDs will produce a significant amount of heat, which would require massive and heavy heatsinks but the LEDs that are used on the A500X have highly efficient ones that generate a small volume of heat.

Each diode can be operated at under 2 Watts, which can make it an extremely efficient light, but very easy to carry in the long run since it could significantly reduce the power usage of a top-quality aquarium.

This also allows the heatsink to remain within a manageable size aspect without impacting the durability of the light. Kessel has increased the quality of light by repurposing the back of the light into the form of a heatsink. A well-designed fan with fins made of metal reduces noise without compromising the cooling efficiency. All of this ensures that its dimensions remain within acceptable limits. In the end, the A500X LED spotlight is as strong as any other light that is designed for aquariums, while remaining reasonable in size.

Versatility Is The Part Of The Game

Kessil a500x Review Best Tuna Blue LED Aquarium Light Fixture With SPS Coral
Kessil a500x Review

One of the benefits of this type of activity is the fact that it permits every fan to express their individual style. There are however circumstances where hobbyists have to be restricted due to the rigidity of the equipment that they are required to utilize. Traditional spotlights caused these issues because they didn’t offer the flexibility needed regarding their positioning or adjustment. LEDs however can be highly adjustable and this is used by A500X.

The standard beam angle of the light is 110 degrees, which is wide and suitable for most general uses and tanks that aren’t too deep (less than two feet). If you’d prefer more penetration, you can opt for the 55deg magnetic reflector, which offers an even more concentrated beam of light, which is adequate for tanks at least 3 feet deep.

If this light doesn’t make sense for your tank, you can combine the light with a reflector of 35 degrees which is suitable for tanks up to four feet deep. It is also possible to use this reflector to set the light high up to create a completely free top of your aquarium. The only restriction is that the conical reflector of 55 degrees is required to be purchased separately.

This flexibility is evident in the mounting capabilities that are offered by the Kessil A500X. Kessil A500X. It weighs 780 grams, which is less than 2 pounds, and falls within the capacity of load bearing for the majority of gooseneck mounts. The weight doesn’t include the Wi-Fi dongle nor the full-angle adapter, however. A sturdy mounting arm is therefore the most suitable option since it’s the safest method of fixing the light and these attachments.

As we mentioned earlier in relation to the use of reflectors as well as the height of the fixture it is able to serve an array of lighting requirements, making it an unquestionably master of all trades. It, unlike the norm, is actually very effective at each job it was designed to do.

Customizability At Your Fingertips

LEDs, by nature, are much more easily controlled using digital circuits and open up a variety of interesting options as demonstrated with this lighting from Kessil. This light A500X features multicolor control and multichannel. It allows you to control both the white and blue channels without the need to use any other device using this lamp. This flexibility can be further expanded when you connect the A500X to or both the Spectral Controller and the Wi-Fi Dongle.

The devices provide control over three additional channels. This includes the deep red channel as well as a deep green channel and one channel for violet that manages both the violet as well as indigo emitters.

As you’ve likely guessed by now these channels will allow you to set the exact color temperature in which your corals thrive. This, along with beam angle adjustments as well as the flexibility of mounting heights, you can have almost endless possibilities for customization.

It is a question of how all these functions are managed. The answer is simple: the smartphone.

It is possible to make use of the phone of your choice Android as well as iOS smartphone to directly connect to the Wi-Fi dongle, without having to purchase any cables or any other hardware. Kessil is a designer of a user-friendly application. Most apps that come with aquarium equipment are thought to be simply a marketing novelty, however, Kessil’s A500X app is a wonderful alternative to this.

The app has a user-friendly interface that allows you to control the light exactly as you’d like. It is possible to program the light to change its parameters automatically according to the time of day. You can also create amazing lighting effects, including a stunning shimmer when you need it.

Kessil A500X and SPS Corals – The Perfect Match

Kessil A500X LED Aquarium Light
  • The A500X is a powerful 185W high intensity LED designed specifically...
  • Many aquarium setups will require you to use more than one Kessil...
  • Dimensions: 3.7" x 5.2" / 9.4cm x 13.3cm. Unit Weight: 1.72lb /...
  • Includes: 1x A500X Tuna Blue; 1x Power Adapter; 1x AC Adapter Cable;...
  • Coverage - The newly designed A500X optics along with the latest...

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There’s a reason why only the most experienced experts in the hobby of reef aquariums would even think about the possibility of keeping SPS corals.

Corals require intense light that is evenly spread over a large surface area and with sufficient depth penetration and an extensive frequency spectrum.

Making a lighting design that meets these standards is not an easy task and generally requires numerous light fixtures of different kinds working together. Even so, they can be a bit sloppy.

The Kessil A500X, however, manages to exceed and meet all these demands with ease. It is able to provide uniform high-intensity lighting across an area of approximately 36″ in diameter and has a sufficient perforation of depth 2′ within its standard lighting fixture.

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Is It Worth Buying a kessil a500x?

Usually, products that have this many advantages are likely to cost more than they are worth, and thus become exclusive, catering to a small market. A500X is no exception. A500X is not inexpensive in any way, but it’s one of the more affordable options that allow you to maintain SPS corals as well as other demanding corals at a reasonable cost in a more deep-than-average reef aquarium.

The price for the lamp is $739. Along with this light fixture, it comes with the power source and the AC adapter, hanging rings, two brackets for hanging as well as the 55deg reflector included in the box. It provides even more value over the long term because of its higher performance and smaller energy consumption.

There has been a suggestion that the A500X may be a viable alternative for public aquariums. From a performance standpoint, I think the Kessil model may be an ideal candidate for commercial use. However, from a safety perspective, I’d be wary to purchase any light that isn’t equipped with at the very least an IP65 rating and UL Listing similar to Philips CoralCare Gen2.


Are Kessil lights good?

The Kessil lighting system is one of the most straightforward lighting systems to manage and achieve success with. The easy control system and preset lighting spectrums allow you to alter the spectrum of lights to your specific needs for your tank and provide the right mix of shades for healthy coral growth as well as the right color.

What is the difference between Kessil 500x and AP9X?

The AP9X is designed to provide a bright, even light for rectangular-shaped reef aquariums that are no more than 24″ deep. The A500X is better for deeper aquariums (up to 36″ deep) or when you’d like to place the light higher off the surface of the water.

What height should I mount my A500X?

If you are using the standard tank which is 24″ tall tank we recommend mounting the A500X 6- 10″ above the water.

What is the best light spectrum for a reef tank?

AquaBlue Plus (AB+) is the preferred color spectrum used in reef aquariums. With the right intensity and wavelengths for robust coral growth and color, it’s an established color spectrum that can be used to successfully keep live corals.

Kessil a500x Review – What’s the Final Verdict?

This is definitely one of those products that live up to its hype. It will help reef keepers with deep tanks stuffed with SPS Corals easier to care for, there’s no question about that. Kessil Logic makes the most challenging corals more accessible to reefers of all levels. I believe that for the right enthusiast, this light will be a great investment in your future development of SPS corals.

Things I like about the Kessil A500X

  • Photon volume density
  • The extraordinary lighting spread, depth of penetration as well as the exceptional
  • Flexibility in spreading and depth penetration
  • The form factor is relatively small
  • Light and not too hot.
  • It covers a broad range of colors
  • Highly customizable due to intelligent communication
  • The app is very useful and helps control the light considerably more easily.

Kessil A500X Specifications

  • Dimensions: 3.7″ x 5.2″ / 9.4cm x 13.3cm
  • Unit Weight: 1.72lb / 0.78kg
  • Spectrum Tuna Blue (White as well as Blue) plus Red, Green, and purple (also contains Indigo)
  • Power Consumption: AC 185 Watts Maximum
  • Cooling: Active Cooling

I must give credit when credit is due. My friends Californians living in Richmond employed at Kessil were able to do an outstanding job using the A500X.

Finding the light source at the bottom of the reef aquarium could be an issue. It is a must certification as a diver to get down the depths of the tank to get a correct PAR measurement.

The A500X by Kessil can deliver the energy and lightness young frags need to develop into their full size and become vibrant like the mother colony that they were taken from.

It will honestly be difficult to find a lighting product that has the ability to penetrate deep into the same depths as this light. The mix of colors and shimmer is exactly what you’d think of from Kessil. They’re a pioneer in the field of reef lighting and for good reason!

Sending light energy into the deep, dynamic waters of a large reef aquarium is a high request for any manufacturer of light. The Kessil team has accepted the mission and has offered the essential features and functions for modern reefers to be successful.

We’ll revisit the A500X from Kessil in the near future with a hands-on test and, hopefully, we’ll get some quotations from the company behind it. We contacted the company two times, but we didn’t hear from them before the deadline for publication.

We asked you to think about our questions and are looking forward to hearing answers from our representatives from the company in the near future.

Keep an eye out for an article that will be a companion piece to this article, where we’ll complete a few gaps take more photos of the hands-on experience, and run the light to the test to provide an official review of the product. Stay tuned for the next installment!

Dibyajyoti Bordoloi is the creator and author of, a third-generation experienced fish keeper and owner of a successful pet breeding farm. He is also a member of the Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation And Conservation (Assam), the Marine Aquarium Societies of North East India, and the Kaziranga Nature Conservancy of Assam.