9+ Ways to Make a Cat Proof Fish Tank if You’ve Cat and Fish

Cat Proof Fish Tank: How to Keep Cat off Fish Tank

How to stop your cat from catching fish from your aquarium? Cats don’t like to get wet, however, the view of moving fish in the aquarium will prove to be too much for them to control.

When a fish see the paws of a cat dropping into the aquarium water from the heavens and making an attempt to swat them, your fish may become injured or stressed. Protecting aquariums from cats needs to make a cat proof fish tank by blocking his access to the fish tank for cats.

Naturally, cats are very much inquisitive, and sadly for the fish keepers, there is nothing extra appealing for them than their fish tank. Since aquariums are transparent, it is an enormous source of bright colors and movements that grab the attention of the majority of the animals, particularly cats.

Also, you should not forget the stereotyped hunter and prey dynamic between cat and fish that makes keeping each difficult, however not impossible. With a number of easy steps, you can easily create a cat proof fish tank. Making some changes you can support to keep your fish stressed-free and safe and make an environment that is peaceful for both your fish and cat.

The Best Ways to Have a Cat Proof Fish Tank:

Cat and Fish Cat Proof Fish Tank Cat Proof Aquarium

Step 1: Block His Path

The first step towards a cat proof fish tank is thwarting the access of your cat to the fish tank by blocking its path. If your cat likes jumping to a lower fixture and after that onto the aquarium, introduce some books, stuffed animals, or different objects in his approach, so he cannot make or even try to jump.

Step 2: Move Your Cats Stuff to Another Place

As easy as it sounds, moving all of your cat stuff like Cat Scratching Posts and Cat Litter Trays and Cat Beds off from your aquarium can create a rapid positive impact.

The removal of the accessories of your cat and fish means that your cat can relax, play and enjoy separately from your aquarium, reducing the amount of time spent in close proximity thereto.

Step 3: Add a Hood to The Aquarium

If you have a cat with fish, add a hood to your fish tank. Hoods not only keep the little paws of your cat out of the aquarium water, but it also keeps your frogs, snails, and other aquatic creature inside their habitat.

However, my suggestion is not to use glass hoods that are not made for your specific aquarium. If the glass doesn’t properly fit it can crack and the cat decides to make it its new perch.

Step 4: Place a Cat Proof Fish Tank Lid

Your cats may cause tons of unnecessary stress towards your fish that can result in so many complications. Therefore the last thing you would like is for your cat is able to access the fish in the aquarium water. As you can see some cats will make an attempt to catch your fish by putting their little paws inside the fish tank.

A smart path to stop the cat from catching fish can be by purchasing a fish tank with a lid or using an aquarium lid. Most of the lids will have a small hatch for feeding and tiny holes for airflow, making this ideal for the fish and additionally stopping pesky paws from getting into the tank water. Simply ensure that your lid is always firmly attached to your aquarium!

Step 5: Introduce Masking Tape

Cat Wth Fish Cat Catching Fish Cat Proof Fish Tank

Insert adhesive tape sticky-side-up on each of the hood and also the fixture which provides your cat’s jumping pad. Cats do not get pleasure from having tape stuck to their paws and can create a movement to vacate the platform once they encounter the stickiness.

The other sides to the current technique are that this is not aesthetically pleasing and the stubborn cats can ignore the tape.

Step 6: Separation is Another Way

If possible, close off the area or room that has the fish tank. As we mentioned before that location is key, keeping your aquarium in a separate other room from the cat is another simple way.

By making a no-cat zone your fish will swim peacefully within the aquarium. It is additionally good for when the cat lives alone in your house; by merely closing the cat out of the room together with your aquarium there’ll be no drama to be performed.

You can block off the access of the cat to the room if the room permits it. Apply all alternative remedies initially to make your aquarium a cat proof fish tank, like closing and opening the door can be a chore for you if you are in and out of the room so many times a day.

Step 7: Cover The Rear Holes of the Aquarium

Cover the back holes of the fish tank with aluminum foil, tape, or plastic. It is a proven way to make a cat proof fish tank. Even with a hood, the rear of the aquarium is partly open to allow space for accessories such as filter components and heater cords.

Those holes are big enough that the position of these accessories doesn’t cover them fully. Your cat is able to stick his paws within the opening on the days he desires to go fishing, thus cover them up.

Step 8: Throw a Sheet or Towel on The Tank

Throw a sheet or towel over the tank at night. Throughout the day, you may typically catch your cat in the act quick enough that he doesn’t cause damage to your fish. But during the night, the cat has free reign of your house.

By covering the fish tank with a sheet or towel reduces his interest, because there is nothing moving fish for cats to appear before them. The fish in the tank will also appreciate the darkness as it becomes a cat proof aquarium.

Step 9: Apply The Distraction Method

Distraction is a great technique to draw your cat’s attention away from the fish tank. Giving your cat a lot of things to do such as playing with cat toys can keep your cat distracted from the aquarium. Hopefully, it satisfies their curiosity.

Step 10: Place a Cat Stand

Another final great investment for a cat proof fish tank would be to get a cat Stand for your cat. The Cat stand permits your cat to climb up the tall surfaces and play securely and if kept in distance from the aquarium or in a separate room can be a great distraction.

When it involves keeping both cats and a fish tank full of fish it is necessary to always think about and take steps to make sure the security and welfare of each pet. If you require any more advice and tips on aquarium check out the other articles on our Fish Camp Rehab blog.

Do you prefer to own both cats and fish together in the same house? Let us know how you would make a cat proof fish tank in the comments below…

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