Seneye PAR Meter Review [Best Reef Monitor in 2023]

Seneye PAR Meter Review: It is worth having a Seneye Reef PAR meter. It is possible to get a complete PAR meter set with color spectrum data at around $200 USD. It is approximately half the price of a similar Apogee product will make the item incredible.

If you have an aquarium with a coral reef that is full of corals, then you’re likely aware that selecting the ideal PAR meter for reef tanks and keeping your tank’s order could be more difficult than you expected.

The reef tanks are very difficult to keep, particularly if they’re not able to give your corals the best conditions for their growth and long-term survival.

For corals one of the most important factors they need to be able to perform in order to survive is photosynthesis. This is the reason, if they don’t perform this procedure, they’ll surely die.

However, how can you tell if your corals receive enough sunlight to stay healthy and content?

This is the location and the area in which the Seneye PAR meter is taken into consideration. Let’s examine the significance of the PAR meters and our mission to assist you to pick the most efficient PAR meter for your reef tank (this particular one is one of our favorites).

Our in-house expert team has chosen our preferred Seneye PAR Meter, which we’ve tested personally and reviewed in detail.

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Seneye PAR Meter Review – Safeguard Reef Tank Vibrancy, Health & Longevity

Seneye PAR Meter for Reef Tanks finds out the bright PAR using Seneye PAR Meter. Seneye PAR meters are now the standard in the field and are the tool of choice for scientists and professionals around the globe.

Let’s take a look at our review regarding our opinion of the Seneye PAR measurement for Reef Tanks that are available on platforms online today. This opinion is based on the results of tests carried out by our experienced team using a variety of PAR meters.

Seneye Reef delivers multiple readouts (LUX, Kelvin, CIE Matrix, PUR Approximation) which provide an exceptional comprehension and control of tank lighting.

The device is compact enough to fit in the tiniest of spaces. I tested it on the rear of my nano-innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion 10-gallon tank.

Accurately measuring PPFD for all light sources. Seneye PAR Meter Seneye PAR Meter electronic gadget is carried about and is equipped with a cable to record and displays the data.

The sensor is included and includes an extension tool that can be used as a connector for the device. It also comes with the option of a case to safeguard this device (with its foam liner).

The Seneye instrument was developed to measure PAR within the waters.

The meter can accurately measure any source of light, including LEDs. The handheld meter does not have waterproofing, but the cable and the sensor are both waterproof.

The aim of this process is to increase how much beneficial light that corals receive in order to guarantee their development.

SENEYE Reef Aquarium Monitor And Par Meter

In terms of monitoring capabilities, SENEYE Aquarium Monitor is definitely one of the best options, according to our experience.

We believe that this particular model has been classified to be one of the best, most accurate, and most comprehensive options for reef tank owners.

The Seneye PAR meters are known for their precision and exact measurements. This is vital to maintaining the health of your coral reef.

Its ability to be exact in measuring water parameters is crucial for sure.

The most remarkable characteristic of this particular piece is that it can do much more than simply analyze the PAR.

It also determines the LUX and the Kelvin within the tank too or, more specifically, the Kelvin range the lights within your system are within and how the lights are working or changing over time.

A side note Although corals is a saltwater creatures they can be used to create water tanks for freshwater

Seneye PAR meter is capable of doing more as it measures the temperature to can tell if you’re drinking water that is too hot or cold. It also lets you know whether there’s a problem with the heater or the cooler is failing.

It is also able to monitor the levels of ammonia and nitrate in the water, and it also determines the pH and levels of the water.

It can ensure all of the parameters of water essential to the health and survival of corals.

We love the fact that the product was made for durability and appears to have a good shelf life.

It is important to note in this particular instance is Seneye Slide must be replaced each month, allowing it to allow the PAR gauge to function and it’s not a big deal.

Make sure to remember that this gadget operates by using a USB connection, however, it does have no display.

That means that you must collect the data using this device, however, you should also connect it to your laptop via the provided USB cable to review the data. Unless you buy other accessories, you will be not able to use your phone to view the data, you can only use your computer.

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  • Very precise measurements.
  • Durable design.
  • It is simple to read data on laptops.
  • Measures LUX, Kelvin, & PAR.
  • Analyzes pH of Nitrates, Ammonia as well as Temperature, and Water Level.
  • It is easy to determine.


  • It requires a PC to utilize.
  • Connect to USB. USB.
  • It is important to purchase additional accessories for making the most of this technology on smartphones.
  • It doesn’t have its own display.

A few times ago, I took an unintentional decision that would change my life for the better. As a keen freshwater aquarist, I was impressed by the dedication and skill that my saltwater tank buddies. Over the years, I sat in awe as the soft flow of water swept me into the breathtaking underwater world of tropical fish and exotic coral patterns.

Like many others embarked on my journey to explore the world of reef aquariums with enthusiasm and a desire to be a student. However, as any experienced reefer will inform you, this enchanting world isn’t able to offer you natural beauty on silver platters.

The creation of a healthy reef tank takes more than water adjustments and proper water parameters. Naturally, they are important but getting the appearance that we want is a complex process.

Imagine the health of your reef tank as an open bridge. Each component, though distinct are working together. This is also the case with reef aquariums. Learn this and you’ll be one step closer to the aquarium of your dreams.

Similar to bridges, the creation of an active reef tank needs continuous maintenance and supervision. However, many of us do not have the time or energy to manage our tanks by hand. As thousands of aquarists have witnessed our inability to continually observe tank parameters can cause the tank to collapse.

If you don’t have luck, how do you build a successful reef aquarium? The answer is technology.

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Intelligent Monitoring, Unexpected Accuracy – Seneye PAR Meter

Before we get into the capabilities and features of this monitor I’d like to explain precisely what Seneye Reef is intended to accomplish.

The first and most important thing to note is that this isn’t an aquarist controller. The interaction it has with your tank is completely passive. In essence, Seneye Reef Seneye Reef is a combination device.

The part surveillance system is designed to collect and present data from tanks, and also a PAR meter. Do you think a dedicated monitoring device is essential? Yes, many tanks are thriving throughout the years with this kind of support.

But, Seneye Reef isn’t just a monitor. It’s true that among its list of features water, parameter monitoring isn’t the most impressive feature.

While monitoring the condition of your tank provides a unique sense of security but it’s the PAR measuring component that sets this product apart from other similar devices.

With a robust infrastructure built to ensure precise lighting measurements, and continuous monitoring it’s easier to feel connected to my tank.

Okay, I know it might sound a bit dramatic, but I’m here to tell you the truth. As per the old saying, knowledge is power. After you’ve installed this extremely cost-effective system, you’ll be joining me in singing praise.

Be ready as we explore the depths of the latest technology.

Combination Of Science, Technology, and Convenience – Seneye Reef Specs

Seneye Reef PAR Meter Review

The more sophisticated an item can be, the more difficult its use. Fortunately, Seneye Reef isn’t just a regular gadget. Although I was drawn to this monitoring system due to its PAR meter that we’ll talk about in a minute its other features are just as amazing.

Let’s begin with the basics of the technical specifications.

Created specifically for PC-based operating systems Seneye Reef is a device specifically designed for PC operating systems. Seneye Reef device connects to your computer through the USB 1.0 port.

In essence, setting up is easy. Connect this device with your laptop, sign up for your account using Seneye and you’ll be able to take advantage of a stunning dashboard with a wide range of statistics.

What if you don’t own a computer? In the beginning, MAC owners were out of luck. But, the requirement for flexibility in connection resulted in the creation of the Seneye Reef Web Server & WiFi Module. In essence, this module sends data over WiFi or the LAN.

I came across this additional product to meet my requirements. Because I’m always moving, I can now access my data on my reef tank regardless of where I am.

The information is saved within Seneye Cloud. Seneye Cloud means the entire dashboard is accessible in real-time from all computers (PC or Mac) or even from a mobile or tablet.

In addition as a bonus, Seneye Reef’s Seneye Reef customer service is outstanding. When I first installed the device I noticed that the SWS connection was not working.

After a quick chat with their technical team and a quick resolution, my issue was solved in just a few minutes.

We’ve completed the basics, we can explore a bit more of the features of this software.

Monitor Tank Health & Ecosystem Management

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Recently, a friend was curious about why I invest all my energy into a device that is “simply” a monitoring tool.

The question is legit. But, Seneye Reef does more than just monitor the parameters of water. As I stated earlier the power of knowledge is in the mind, as Seneye Reef delivers tank ecosystem insight quickly and effectively.

For me, with an active life that is constantly on the go, automating even the most basic jobs can be beneficial.

If you’ve witnessed an accident with a tank you’re aware of how devastating it can be to witness your hard-earned money go down the drain. In essence, Seneye Reef protects your financial and emotional investment.

With its advanced alarm system for early detection, it will be alerted of an upcoming disaster. This alone makes this system worth every cent.

In addition to its astonishingly precise predictive management system, It can also provide automatic alerts on ammonia levels, water levels as well as pH balance as well as other important tank health indicators via email or telephone.

Together with its graphing and historical screen, Seneye Reef provides a direct link between your and the underwater world.

Seneye Reef monitors the following parameters of the tank:

Water Temperature

A fellow enthusiast took an off-season work trip. Thinking that his tank was properly prepared for the trip the next day, he set off. However, the heater broke just as his plane took off. Without a heater, the tank of his reef fell down to the point of dangerously low temperatures.

When he returned to the reef, he was astonished by the findings he discovered. A majority of his most prized corals died due to the temperature drop. After he fixed the issue, however, it took a long time to see his tank rebound.

If he did have a Seneye Reef monitoring device the alarm could have alerted him to changes in temperature which he then could have requested a friend or family member repair the heater, or make the necessary adjustments.

If chillers or heaters malfunction, fixing temperature stability in the shortest time possible is essential. When using Seneye Reef, the temperature of the water is continuously tracked and visible on the display on your dashboard.

Free Ammonia

Yes, monitoring ammonia levels in a tank with a proven system isn’t a necessity. What’s the reason? In established tanks, ammonia is effectively converted. In my opinion, however, ammonia monitoring is crucial for both established and new tanks.

What happens when a large fish dies, or if your auto feeder is damaged and you don’t notice it immediately? Although they are rare are not uncommon, they can cause established tanks to experience an ammonia increase. It may not be something that you’re concerned about constantly however in some critical circumstances you’ll be glad that you have this.

Acidity Levels, pH, and Levels of Water

These parameters for monitoring are crucial to ensure a healthy, happy tank. Seneye Reef continuously checks pH and levels to ensure that both are in the right range.

Personally, I am awestruck by this feature. It’s comforting that I can open my phone as I’m using Seneye Reef WiFi Server. Seneye Reef WiFi Server and can access vital data.

IMPORTANT: In order to use the ammonia monitoring and pH monitoring capabilities, Seneye Reef requires slides for the controller. The slide is inserted into the device and is continuously monitoring the two parameters.

They’re not expensive and last for approximately one month. It’s easy to find these slides for sale in packs of three slides for $30 which works out to about the equivalent of $10 per month.

Obviously, you don’t need to utilize the slides if don’t care about ammonia and pH monitoring.

Seneye Reef PAR Meter – Illuminating the Vibrant World of Corals

In analyzing Seneye Reef, it was easy to identify the most notable aspect. It has an array of amazing features but its PAR meters are the cherry on the cake.

If you’re not aware, PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) levels are just crucial to the growth of corals as oxygen is to humans. Fundamentally, PAR determines the light availability needed by corals for photosynthesis. Without a reliable measuring system, it’s nearly impossible to precisely adjust the lighting.

One of the biggest errors that almost all aquarists commit is that they adjust their light according to their perception. The need for light exposure isn’t only about quantity or brightness, however, it’s also about quality. In most cases, the quality of light and quantity in aquariums isn’t ideal for optimal photosynthetic processes.

Without going into too much detail Lack of lighting is a sign that the cells’ reactions, also called chloroplast, don’t get activated. This results in reduced growth and lackluster color development.

This is the point at which PAR meters are used.

Since human eyesight is able to see and contrast colors side-by-side but we aren’t able to differentiate between subtle color differences. In addition, it’s virtually impossible to gauge the brightness and the color of the light when lamps are placed close to each other. Thus, the only way to ensure corals get the proper lighting is by using the use of a PAR meter.

By utilizing light sensor technology, Seneye Reef PAR meters provide three main outputs:

  • PAR Spectrum and PAR Seneye Reef monitors PAR and Spectrum both are crucial for the growth of healthy corals.
  • LUX is a measure of the intensity of light to ensure corals have ample illumination to grow without reaching risky exposure levels.
  • Kelvin monitors the hue or color temperature that is present in different places throughout your tank to ensure that the temperature of your aquarium is suitable for your specific corals and the overall health of your tank.

What do to do with this information? Use this data to gain an advantage! PAR Meter readings are saved in the software’s dashboard. I love this feature because it provides an exhaustive history of lighting. This can be helpful when trying to solve specific issues.

For instance, following the addition of many new acroporas into my tank, their color diminished. Utilizing a Seneye Reef PAR meter the readings were way too low. After adjusting the light levels to the proper levels, the color returned within four to five weeks. Without this information, this stunning coral would have gone extinct for good.

The most appealing feature? The PAR meters are extremely simple to use. For the most precise readings, you should direct the lens straight to the source of light. It is important to take multiple readings in various locations throughout your tank. Each time, you need to rotate the meter on its horizontal line (spin it about 180 °). It will provide you with the most precise reading.

After adjusting my PAR by using Seneye Reef, my coral began to bloom. I keep my PAR readings between 300 and 400 seems to be the most effective for my beloved SPS coral. It appears to be growing every day.

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Is The Seneye A Good PAR Meter?

It’s a good device. It’s not as great as an Apogee, which is a better choice for pure light readings but it’s also less expensive.

How Accurate Is Seneye?

Seneye s NH3 reader Seneye the s NH3 reader is precise to 0.005 which means that the sensor needs to be calibrated in any way. You can put the slide into a tank or pond water for 24 hours if in freshwater or for 48 hours in salt water.

What Does Seneye Reef Measure?

Seneye Reef Pack is an all-in-one temperature monitor that can be used for pH, Ammonia, Water level, and lighting. With a PC it is possible to connect the Seneye Monitor directly with the PC and Seneye Web Servers to keep an eye on your aquarium.

How Do You Calibrate A Seneye Reef?

In contrast to other test equipment, seneye devices do not require calibration since it utilizes a sensor replacement chip called the seneye plus slide. Adjusting the parameters is made through the seneye connect app. The parameters are all adjusted in the same manner so adhere to the same guidelines as those for ph as well as Nh3 in this.

How Do I Update Seneye Reef?

Change the lighting meter on your seneye Home and seneye Pond device to provide you with LUX, Kelvin, and PAR. After you’ve purchased the update to your light meter you will need to e-mail and include your purchase number and the serial number of the device you’d like to upgrade.

Does Seneye Measure Nitrate?

Concerning Nitrites and Nitrates In the case of Nitrites and Nitrates, the seneye has been made to test NH3 directly since this is the initial stage of the nitrification procedure. A rise in NH3 can lead to an increase in nitrite consequently, the seneye will detect the presence of nitrite before it becomes problematic.

How Often Does Seneye Take A Reading?

The information taken from your device is stored on your personal dashboard on seneye every 30 minutes when it is connected to a computer.

How Do You Take PAR Readings Seneye?

The seneye device can be moved around the aquarium to check various levels of light. The seneye light sensor is situated on the back of the device inside the circular window. To determine the level of light in your aquarium, this sensor is required to be placed in the exact spot where you would like to read the reading.

Seneye Reef PAR Meter Review: Final Thoughts On Best Reef Monitor

My final thoughts on the topic “Seneye PAR Meter Review” are that Seneye is an exciting gadget that is a new addition to the world of aquariums. One of the best ways to appreciate the power that is Seneye Reef is to evaluate it with one of the top PAR meters.

Seneye PAR readers are widely recognized as reliable and precise devices. It is a relatively low-budget PAR meter as compared to Apogee monitors. It’s priced between $200 to $250.

Seneye Reef delivers multiple readouts (LUX, Kelvin, CIE Matrix, PUR Approximation) and provides a comprehensive understanding and control of tank lighting. In comparison with Apogee which provides only just two readings Seneye Reef not only offers more information but, its information can be more precise than Apogee.

The FishCampRehab team has found that Seneye Reef is closer to the performance of the extremely expensive LI-COR.

My favorite thing? The whole Seneye Reef system is priced at around $200. In the end, for 50% less than the most popular competitor, you will get the more advanced PAR meter as well as dynamic monitoring capabilities.

What’s your experience with this article “Seneye PAR Meter Review? Please comment!

Dibyajyoti Bordoloi is the creator and author of, a third-generation experienced fish keeper and owner of a successful pet breeding farm. He is also a member of the Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation And Conservation (Assam), the Marine Aquarium Societies of North East India, and the Kaziranga Nature Conservancy of Assam.