11 Best Toys For Fish To Play With In An Aquarium

Toys make fish in aquariums happy and exuberant. Toys are able to stimulate and lower anxiety levels in a variety of species of fish.

Fish are a playful pet. They enjoy chasing one another for fun and get tucked away among aquatic plants.

Sometimes, they move through the water and play with aquarium toys.

The fish are naturally energetic, however, when kept in a tank they could quickly become bored if left without attention or stimulated. For your fish to remain in a good and active state, adding some of these fish toys to your tank is an absolute must.

What are the best Toys for fish to Play within an Aquarium?

The best toys for fish to play with will be those that keep your fish entertained while also keeping them safe.

This item should be a source of excitement every time it is put into the tank, or else it can become an additional thing that could injure and eat away precious space for swimming your fish.

Here are a few of the best toys for fish to play with in an aquarium!

Marimo Moss Ball

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A live plant in the tank with your fish is extremely beneficial, not only in getting rid of toxins in the water but also by providing your fish with something they can nibble on in case it’s hungry.

A Marimo moss ball can keep the growth of algae low in the tank, and help reduce the amount of toxic substances in the water. They are extremely easy to keep alive, needing only rotating them periodically, like when you change the water to avoid the bottom side of the ball from dying.

If keeping plants that are real is beyond your skill level There are imitations that accomplish the same functions, however, they are more expensive and require replacement every couple of months.


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Small Mirrors can be an excellent tool for your fish to play with as it stimulate the fish to flare up.

The flaring of its gills and fins is a natural reaction to being around other fish that are competing or predators, as it makes them appear bigger than they actually are.

Inducing your fish to flare up is an excellent method of assessing the health of your fish since it allows you to get a better perspective of the fish’s fins and scales so that you can look for any diseases or injuries that your fish might have suffered.

The mirror’s presence for too long could result in stress for the fish. It is recommended to keep it for only a few minutes every day to avoid injuries.

Floating Log

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Fish are fond of playing and hiding among their surroundings, which is why adding items for your fish to rest and hide in is essential to keep your fish content.

An example of this is a floating log. It is basically a tube that has been made to look like an old log.

Fish can move through, hide in the log, and even interact with them, which can cause your fish to get more active. It also provides a place where your fish could begin to create its bubble nest thanks to the area that the wood.

They are available cheaply online and can be an excellent beginning point to help encourage an energetic fish.

Leaf Hammock

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Leaf hammocks Leaf hammock serves as a spot where your fish can rest close to the surface of the water, as they naturally do. It’s a basic device that can be attached with a suction cup to the bottom of the tank.

It is placed on top of the water. It functions similarly to the floating log and is an excellent option for tanks with smaller sizes. You might need to check the level of the tank more closely to ensure that the fish are able to easily get onto the leaf.

Ceramic Log

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A ceramic log is a good tank decoration that can double as a toy not only providing an aesthetic value but also offering your fish a new space to hide in.

The logs typically have several holes, giving your fish ways to swim and encouraging your fish to become more active. It is also possible to hide the fish’s food in the logs to stimulate your fish to be more active.

Aquarium Plants

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One of the most effective ways to improve the quality of an aquarium is to add natural elements that replicate the habitat of the species. The most common method that freshwater tanks can accomplish this is with the introduction of aquarium plants.

A few fish come from shallow waters which can be affected by changes throughout the year. That means there are a few perennial plant species that are living alongside your fish.

The vegetation is usually comprised of submerged grasses and fallen palm fronds in the canopy of the jungle above.

Since the majority of fish are created in the aquarium environment and there aren’t a lot of native species of plants that can be added to the aquarium, fish work well with all aquarium plants.

Some of the most popular living plant species include:

  • Anubias spp.
  • Cryptocoryne Spp.
  • Hornwort (Ceratophyllum demersum)
  • Java Fern (Leptochilus Pteropus)
  • Amazon sword (Echinodorus grisebachii)

Other options are:

  • Marimo moss balls
  • Plants that float
  • Indian almond leaves

If you don’t have the illumination required to maintain live plants, artificial plants can be used to protect your fish and additional areas to rest. Make sure the plants you select don’t have edge or surface roughness that can hurt your fish.

Coconut Fish Hut

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Another excellent toy to play with is the coconut structure that your fish can hide in. Made of coconut shells, the natural hut lets your fish hide away and unwind if they are anxious.

It functions similarly to the sinking log, encouraging fish to move about the surroundings. With numerous options available, they’ve been able to smooth the sharp edges down to ensure that your fish is not in danger of getting injured.

Ping Pong Ball

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Fish like the chance to play with things at the surface of the ocean, and the best and cheapest toy for your fish to stimulate its curious nature is a Ping ball. They are available inexpensively and are easy to get into the tank.

The fish will soon find themselves swimming around the ball and then moving it throughout the aquarium. Before introducing the Ping Pong ball, make sure you treat it in the same way as any other thing that you introduce into the tank. Clean it well to ensure that you do not introduce any chemicals or bacteria into the tank.


Fish will play well with various lighting and are more interested when lights are placed around the tank. even something as small as the phone’s light can attract the attention of your fish.

If you’re having trouble getting your fish to follow your hand try to get your fish to play with a light, since it’s evident to the fish. Make sure not to overload the fish by flashing multiple lights because it can be stressed or agitated.

Train Your Fish to Swim Through Hoops

There are a myriad of videos on the internet that teach you how to teach your fish to swim in hoops or to follow your fingers and fish are no exception.

Fish are naturally curious and are great at learning new techniques like running through hoops. This is a hands-on method of keeping your fish engaged and requires you to take some time each day to make sure they master the technique and keep it in mind.

However, if you truly would like to get the best from your fish this is an ideal start.

Hoops for training can be bought for a relatively low price on the internet and are available in various sizes and shapes that make an excellent learning experience for both you as well as your fish.

Train Your Fish to Jump

Learning to teach the fish in jumping is a fantastic method for you to play with your fish, while also ensuring that your fish is healthy and healthy.

By keeping food at a distance from the level of the ocean while feeding, you can train your fish to leap out of the water which encourages the fish’s ability to swim faster and engage more with you making your fish more relaxed since it’s not performing the same action each time it feeds.

It also helps to build upon the knowledge gained from the teaching of your fish to jump through hoops. Be sure not to put a cap over the tank, as you might see your fish jumping without the necessity to eat.

Dibyajyoti Bordoloi is the creator and author of FishCampRehab.com, a third-generation experienced fish keeper and owner of a successful pet breeding farm. He is also a member of the Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation And Conservation (Assam), the Marine Aquarium Societies of North East India, and the Kaziranga Nature Conservancy of Assam.