What Is The Most Accurate Par Meter? (4 Accuracy Tested)

What is the most accurate par meter? The MQ-510 gets the top spot due to its superior quality and efficiency. The sensor that is included is widely regarded by hobbyists as providing the most precise readings under LED lighting. The hand-held display is convenient and allows you to check PAR at multiple places throughout the aquarium easily.

If you own a reef tank with lots of corals, you’re likely aware that keeping your tank in top condition can be more challenging than you imagined.

Reef tanks can be quite difficult to maintain particularly when you are trying to provide your corals with the best conditions to grow and thrive.

For corals, one of the primary aspects they have to be able to perform to live is photosynthesis which is why, without this process, they’ll surely end up dying. But, how can you determine whether your corals receive enough sunlight to remain healthy and happy?

That’s where the PAR meters come into play. Let’s discuss what a par meter is. We also would like to assist you in finding the best PAR meter for reef tanks ( this one is our top choice). We’ve selected the most accurate par meter that we’ve examined in lots of depth.

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The 4 Most Accurate PAR Meters For Reef Tanks

What is the most accurate par meter? Let’s look at what we believe are the 4 most accurate par meters available today. One of these options could be just the right choice for you. The tool will help you determine the amount of the corals get in terms of light. The goal here is to optimize the amount of light your corals receive to ensure their growth.

SENEYE Reef Aquarium Monitor and Par Meter

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When it comes to monitoring capabilities in terms of monitoring capabilities, it is a great monitor. SENEYE Aquarium Monitor is definitely one of the most effective choices according to our experience. We do believe that this particular meter has been classified as one of the most precise and comprehensive choices.

It is recognized as being extremely precise and accurate in every measurement This is crucial in regard to the condition of your personal coral reef. The fact that it’s extremely precise in measuring different water parameters is an important thing to consider, no doubt.

What is the most amazing feature of this particular gadget is that it does more than just take measurements of the PAR. It also monitors how much LUX as well as its Kelvin within the tank which is, in other words, how much Kelvin range the lights are in and also how they are surviving or deteriorating as time passes.

As a bonus, even though corals are saltwater creatures, however, this product can be used in freshwater tanks.

The meter is able to do more, as it tracks the temperature so that you will know if the water is too hot or too cold. It can also tell whether your cooling system or heater is breaking down. It can also keep track of ammonia levels and Nitrate levels in the water along with the pH, as well as the level of water itself.

It is more or less the gadget that can track almost every water-related parameter that is essential for the health and longevity of your corals. We like the fact that this product is made to be extremely durable and is believed to have a pretty long shelf time.

What needs to be mentioned about this is the fact that Seneye Slide must be replaced every month for this PAR meter to function and that’s no huge deal. Be aware of this that this device works via the USB connection, but does not come with a display of its own.

This means you have to take the data collection with this device, but you must also link it up to your PC using the supplied USB cord to examine the information. Unless you purchase some additional accessories, you are not able to utilize your smartphone to look at the data. You can only use your computer.


  • Extremely precise measurements.
  • Durable design.
  • Data is easy to read from your personal computer.
  • Measures LUX, Kelvin, & PAR.
  • Analyzes Nitrates, Ammonia pH, Temperature, and Water Level.
  • Very simple to find measurements.


  • You will require a computer in order to make use of it.
  • It must be connected to USB.
  • You’ll require additional accessories if you plan to connect this device to smartphones.
  • Doesn’t possess its own exhibit.
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Sun System PAR Meter

Sun System PAR Meter With Remote Sensor Measure Photosynthetically Active Radiation, Gray
  • Brand name:Sun System
  • Assembly not required
  • Made in China
  • Se inside with Sun System grow lights or outside with natural sunlight

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Contrary to the PAR measure we have looked at, this one is a bit simplistic. It doesn’t determine anything other than the PAR level that your corals are receiving. It doesn’t measure ammonia, pH, temperature, or any other parameters of the water that the model above measures.

In the end, while it’s a one-trick pony so that’s what it is, the device can do the job well. It is extremely accurate in its findings and is a crucial aspect of the course.

The Sun System Meter is extremely simple to use. Simply put the probe in the water and then wait for at least a minute for the results to show up. The great thing about this is that this device has an LCD screen and screen.

The previous PAR gauge will only provide the readings when you connect it to a computer using the USB port. But, this one is extremely quick and simple to use due to the fact that it comes with its own display that is connected to the probe.

Be sure not to drop the display into the water as it’s not waterproof. The display, although it functions, is not the most durable. It also doesn’t record past or present information, which can be an issue.


  • Simple and easy.
  • Readings that are accurate.
  • It comes with its own display.


  • The display isn’t very robust or waterproof.
  • Only can be measured PAR.
  • Don’t record your data.
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Quantum Apogee MQ-510

Quantum Apogee Underwater Full Spectrum Meter MQ-510
  • Underwater PAR Measurements
  • Datalogging Capabilites
  • Refined Spectral Response
  • Cosine Response
  • Reliable Accuracy

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The Quantum Apogee MQ-510 is a similar PAR measure to use it, and one with certain capabilities. In addition, like the model above this model is equipped with a display, which means you don’t need to connect to a computer or similar devices.

The display isn’t particularly robust or waterproof but there’s a display to talk about. It comes with a long cord that means that you don’t have to sit right close to the aquarium. It is also cool that this device can determine PAR both inside and outside the ocean.

It is true that this device is extremely accurate in its measurements, otherwise, we wouldn’t have put it on our list of top PAR meters. However, this is the latest and improved version. The previous version wasn’t as accurate however, this model is. It has amazing optical sensors that work well.

All you have to do is put the probe in the water and then press the sample button for an indication. Another thing that is interesting is that it records information from previous measurements, which allows you to examine the past with the present to see what impact the modifications you made affected the tank.


  • High-performance.
  • Accurate.
  • It has a display.
  • Long cord.
  • It’s super easy to utilize.


  • The display isn’t durable.
  • The display isn’t waterproof.
  • The cosine function can be difficult to comprehend.
  • SpotOn 400-700nm Quantum PAR Meter
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SpotOn Scientific Quantum PAR & DLI Meter

SpotOn Quantum PAR and DLI Meter displays Real-time photosynthetic Light Levels. DLI Mode Shows Average 24 HR PPFD.
  • A true quantum PAR Meter which senses actual photosythetic lights on...
  • DLI mode calculates average light over 24 hours. Allows comparisons to...
  • Standard default mode takes instant PPFD readings with .75" easy to...
  • Extension Wand available to allow readings to be taken further into...
  • Comes with it's own removeable stand which can be used as a soil...

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SpotOn Quantum PAR Meter is a budget-friendly device that offers highly accurate and scientifically accurate Photosynthetic Active Ray (PAR) measurements of the light from any source of light, which includes LED.

The SpotOn Quantum PAR Meter is built to withstand the demands of a growing room.

It also has a battery compartment, which is sealed to block out moisture. Even high-end, expensive meters don’t come with this degree of security.

This PAR Meter is suitable for outdoor, greenhouse, or indoor projects that demand control over the sunrise and sunset of the light.

In order to calculate DLI simply switch it on, place it in the lowest position, and check the indicator after 24 hours. Your DLI will be visible.

There is no need for cables for any purpose, just install the program and connect it to your PC.

The SpotOn Quantum PAR Meter is designed to withstand harsh conditions in the growing room.

The large display, which is easy to read, is ideal for mounting the meter in a well-established area, or to perform checkpoints over the duration of time.

Some meters require two hands to operate the sensors, and meters, as well as cables are tangly and long.

It’s small and compact, with numerous built-in methods to set up your brand-new PAR meter. Use the stand included with it, or place the meters within an arbor of the plants.

It also has an internal magnet as well as an angle tripod hole that can be connected to extension tools.

SpotOn PAR Meter was designed to help farmers more accurately determine the amount of sun their crops get.

The SpotOn PAR Meter is a device that is portable and measures the amount of actively producing radiation (PAR) within a particular space.

It is vital for farmers to know the PAR quantities of the crops they cultivate because it directly affects the growth of the plant as well as yield.

This SpotOn analyzes 400-700nm standard PAR wavelengths. It doesn’t include wavelengths over 700nm, which are an infrared spectrum.


  • Display case, waterproof, and cap
  • DLI (daily integrated light) Mode Built-In
  • Clear 1/2” LCD Display, no external cables.
  • Comes With an Integrated Stand


  • The display’s dimensions are removed by the high-power grow light.
  • The device may be frozen a couple of times. Shut off the power, then turn it back on.
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Buyer’s Guide-

How to Choose the Most Accurate PAR Meter? What Does A PAR Meter Do?

How to choose the most accurate PAR meter? What does a PAR meter do?

Before we get into the details of the functions of the par meter and what it can do it is, we must first define what it is specifically in regard to your reef tank and your corals. PAR means Photosynthetically Active Radiation.

In plain English In simple terms, in tanks for reefs, PAR is the amount of light that reaches the column of water and becomes accessible for corals to utilize to produce photosynthesis. You’ve probably guessed that the majority of all the foods corals produce or consume are produced by photosynthesis. Therefore, if there isn’t sufficient PAR or excessive amounts corals aren’t doing as well.

A PAR Meter is a tool to measure the amount of light radiation, also known as PAR that is available to corals to make use of to produce photosynthesis. In terms of maintaining the coral’s health, this is vital.

Many have started making use of these devices to boost coral growth and boost the overall well-being of their aquariums. For those who aren’t aware to maximize expansion, certain reefs require just 40 PAR for survival purposes and others require up to 600 PAR.


What is the best PAR for a reef tank?

Too much light can inhibit or damage corals. There isn’t a definitive rule regarding the ideal PAR for all corals, however, an ideal starting base is 150-250 PAR.

Do I need a PAR meter for a reef tank?

The only method to ensure that you’re lighting your tank properly is to utilize a PAR Meter to determine how much Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) is in your tank. PAR is the method we employ to measure how much light comes into our tanks which are actually utilized for our corals.

What is the best KH range for a reef tank?

KH naturally decreases over time because of natural processes and the growth of coral however, if its levels are low it could cause the pH to be low. The optimal KH value for marine aquariums is between 8 and 12 (3 5 meq/l – 3). An aquarium with a low KH could easily be fixed through the use of Seachem Reef Carbonate or Reef Builder.

What is the best PAR meter for LEDS?

The MQ-510 is a top pick due to its superior precision and ease of use. The sensor that is included is widely accepted by hobbyists as providing the most precise readings under LED lighting. Additionally, the hand-held display lets you quickly monitor PAR at multiple places throughout the aquarium without difficulty.

How much PAR is too much for coral?

The majority of Acropora can be found with 200-300 PAR However, with certain types of Acropora they could take up to 775 PAR. Make sure you check the requirements of your particular coral prior to adjusting anything!

Final thought: What is the most accurate par meter?

In addition, the amount of light that corals receive in your reef tank is essential and directly linked to their existence. If they don’t have enough light, they’ll be unable to make their own food or develop however too much light and they’ll be overwhelmed.

A reliable PAR gauge will let you know precisely the amount of light your corals receive and allow you to make the necessary adjustments that will encourage the healthy growth and development of your coral. Personally, we would suggest using one of the most accurate par meters that we have reviewed as they appear to be among the most effective.

Dibyajyoti Bordoloi is the creator and author of FishCampRehab.com, a third-generation experienced fish keeper and owner of a successful pet breeding farm. He is also a member of the Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation And Conservation (Assam), the Marine Aquarium Societies of North East India, and the Kaziranga Nature Conservancy of Assam.