Which Submersible Pump Is Best For Aquarium In 2024?

Which submersible pump is best for aquariums? In order to help you select the best one, I picked the 5 most popular options, put them through tests, and then evaluated the results to bring you the ideal tank pump.

One of the best advantages of a submersible water pump is the fact that it can aid in stopping the accumulation of dirt and waste in an area.

A submersible pump is an excellent accessory to add to the aquarium of your choice (this one is the top recommendation).

The idea behind these items can be to generate a water flow in the form of a flow. This can be beneficial to give your fish an exercise routine, and it’s perfect for creating an inviting environment with plants that move with the flow and aid in directing water toward the filter.

If you are an avid aqua person Your primary goal is to provide and maintain an environment that is healthy for the inhabitants of your tank.

The right aqua-water pump (also called a powerhead) can improve the circulation of water and ensure that the tank’s water is oxygenated.

Submersible Water Pump Review Overview

Which submersible pump is best for aquariums? After unboxing and evaluating five different water pumps for aquariums I was most impressed by that of the Marineland Maxi-Jet. It’s not the most powerful amount of GPH however I am awestruck by the features and how simple the pump was to regulate the flow of water.

In terms of pure power, it was a toss-up between the SunSun JP-024 and the Aqua Miracle WD800. The Aqua Miracle was the one with the highest GPH and had great suction cups but it was not able to direct the water.

The SunSun is a bit less GPH and the suction cups weren’t that great however, you can turn the outlet 360 degrees, which gives greater flexibility to direct the water to where you need it.

For small tanks, I loved my Vivosun HY-303. It’s a straightforward pump that is an ideal choice for tanks with 30-40 gals.

My only complaint is that you aren’t able to control the flow of water, however, you can adjust the flow of water upwards and downwards with an easy slider that is located on the left side of the pump.

I wasn’t a huge enthusiast of the AquaNeat. The suction cups aren’t extremely strong, and there’s no way to steer the water.

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Do You Need an Aquarium Water Pump?

Maybe, but it could be that you are not.

A water pump in your aquarium (also called the powerhead) is an internal pump that you use to provide additional water flow in your tank. They don’t contain any media for filtering they just create a greater flow.

However, it is true that not all tanks require additional water circulation.

If you own a small 10-gallon (39 Liters) tank with an appropriately-sized hang-on-the-back filter You probably have more than enough water flow in your tank and do not require the water pump.

However, if you own something similar to a 55-gallon (208 liters) or larger the tank could be filled with dead spots because it’s huge. Even with a great filter, tanks that are long may have areas that have little to no circulation since the flow of water is concentrated around the filter and doesn’t go to the other side of the tank.

Plants and decorations can stop or redirect water flow, causing more dead places.

The areas with low circulation could have low oxygen levels and could lead to outbreaks of blue-green algae.

The addition of a water pump can result in a current one at the other end of the tank, without needing to install an additional filter.

Water pumps are very useful in large installations However, not every tank will require them.

How I Tested The Water Pumps

Which Submersible Pump Is Best For Aquarium

The five water pumps that I decided to purchase were:

  • Marineland Maxi-Jet 600
  • SunSun JP-024
  • Aqua Miracle WD800
  • Vivosun HY-303
  • Aquaneat A769

Here’s the way I reviewed and tested these pumps.

Water Pump’s GPH and its Importance

GPH is a reference to gallons per hour. It’s the standard measure for things such as water filters and pumps to show the volume of water they can move through every hour.

Understanding the GPH of the water pump is crucial since it determines the size tank it’s suitable to be used in.

When the GPH is low, it will not be able to create an efficient flow within the tank. If you find that the GPH can be too high, the tank may be overflowing which could overwhelm fish or even make water escape from the tank.

Imagine it this way A water pump is an engine. You wouldn’t want to drive a vehicle that has a small economy car engine, and you wouldn’t wish to drive a budget vehicle with a muscle engine that could break the car apart.

I based my tank’s size suggestions on the pump’s ability to pump the tank’s volume at least four times per hour. This would provide a substantial flow without creating a haze of water all around the tank.

Certain people might prefer to have less or more water flow to their aquariums, however, I chose to be safe by following my suggestions.

Testing The Water Pump’s GPH

To measure to determine the GPH for the pumps I attached an outflow hose to the outlet for each one. I submerged each pump into a 70-gallon (265-liter) water trough for horses that was full of water and left the hose hanging from the side.

I connected the pump and then put the hose into a 2-gallon (7.5 Liters) container. I measured the amount of time it took to fill the container.

I tested each pump three times before using on average to determine the GPH.

Then, I divided the average times by two to get the gallons of water per second. Then, I used this figure to subdivide 3600, which is the number of seconds per hour, to calculate the GPH.

Here’s an example of what would happen if the time was 30.2, 29.9, and 30.5.

This is an average speed of 30.2 seconds.

30.2 / 2 = 15.1 gallons per second.

3600/ 15.1 = 238.41 Gallons per hour.

GPH Testing Results

What is GPH in water pump and how many gph pump do I need
  • Aqua Miracle WD800 – GPH 270
  • SunSun JP-024 – GPH 232
  • Aquaneat A769- 206
  • Vivosun HY-303 – 160
  • Marineland Maxi-Jet 600 – GPH 149

A high GPH does not necessarily mean it’s the best option but it does mean it’s more appropriate for tanks that require a greater flow.

Installation and Features

Like GPH Not all pumps are created equally. There are various attachments and methods of installation for each.

I removed each water pump from its box and placed them in one tank. It allowed me to play with the parts that came in and feel how they grip.

5 Best Aquarium Water Pumps Reviewed

Which Submersible Pump Is Best For Aquarium? After extensive study, our expert team found Marineland Maxi-Jet 600 is among the top options and our top choice. Check the price right here.

1. Marineland Maxi-Jet 600

Marineland Maxi-Jet 600, Multi-Use Water Pump And Power Head, Fully Convertible (ML90510), 160/750 GPH
  • Three Pumps in One
  • Turns powerhead in to a prop style circulation pump
  • The most fully adaptable pump available
  • Model Number: ML90510
  • Age Range Description: All Ages

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  • GPH: 149
  • The ideal amount is 30-40 gallons (113-151 Liters)

I really, truly love this pump. It’s the most flexible of the bunch.

It is the smallest GPH however it does have many super cool features that make it stand out.

It is an excellent instruction manual that explains various ways you can set up this. The pump can be utilized to be submerged within the aquarium, or be connected to hoses and operated in the absence of water.

The water pumps I have tested could function to pump externally. This could be extremely useful and you can utilize the pump outside to create an almost river-like flow to the tank or even take water out of the aquarium to prevent maintenance.

The mounting configuration for this particular water pump stands out. The bracket for mounting is triangular, and the Suction cups on the pump are robust.

An Omnidirectional (ball joint) mount allows you to point at the pump from any angle. This mount was extremely sturdy, the pump remained in the position I placed it in. The other pumps I tested included this feature.

I was awed by the ability to control the flow of water with such ease.

I was impressed with the water pump and would highly recommend it.

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2. SunSun JP-024

Super Sun Submersible Aquarium Power Head, 317 GPH
  • Includes optional air intake and air regulator to aerate water
  • 22 Watt pumping power
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater
  • Package Weight: 1.3 pounds

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  • GPH: 232
  • The best for 55plus gallon (208+ Liters)

I was incredibly impressed by this pump. It had the second-highest GPH and could provide substantial water circulation even in tanks with larger capacities.

I wasn’t a fan of the manual for instruction. There are no photos and the instructions are poor English.

The pump has two feet of a small black hose that has a ridged however, for no reason I’ve not been able to determine what it is that you’re expected to accomplish with the hose. There aren’t any instructions, and it’s not compatible with an intake, or on the outlet.

The water pump comes with an adjustable mounting bracket, which has 3 suction cups. I’m not a fan of these suction cups. They’re a little weak for a pump that heavy.

Once you’ve attached it to the tank’s wall, you are able to slide the pump upwards and downwards onto the bracket so that you can adjust the water evaporation, without having to take the suction cups off.

The nozzle on the outflow can turn 360 degrees, offering a variety of possibilities for controlling the flow of water.

Despite the poor instructions, It was relatively easy to set this water pump up. I was awestruck by the volume of flow that this pump produced.

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3. Aqua Miracle WD800

AquaMiracle Aquarium Powerhead Pump Circulating Water Pump 210 GPH for 40-60 Gallon Aquariums with Aerating Features
  • SAFETY - Fully submersible with epoxy sealed motor. Each product has...
  • PERFORMANCE – Energy efficient with permanent magnet rotor and...
  • AERATING AQUARIUM - Comes with air tubing and air venturi to...
  • MOVING WATER- Creates a nice underwater current that will give your...
  • HELPING HEATING – The powerhead moves water around the tank so that...

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  • GPH: 270
  • The best for: 55plus gallon (208+ Liters)

This was the strongest water pump we tested out. It produced sixty more GPH than what is stated on the package, even. I was amazed.

There is no whistle or bells on this pump. It has a simple strainer as well as a strong mounting bracket.

I was not a fan of the limited options for controlling the water. The impeller’s outflow cover can be turned only a tiny amount, or the entire cover will pop off.

I was not happy with the ease with which you could accidentally cause the cover of the impeller to fall off while trying to alter the direction of the flow.

I was impressed by its pivoting mounting bracket. I was impressed by the suction cups, which were sturdy. As with many other brackets, this bracket lets you move the pump upwards and down in order to adjust the level of water without removing its suction cups.

If you’re in search of the power to move water around large tanks it is a good idea to look into this pump.

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4. Vivosun HY-303

VIVOSUN 210GPH Submersible Pump(800L/H, 8W), Ultra Quiet Water Pump with 3.3ft High Lift, Fountain Pump with 5ft Power Cord, 2 Nozzles for Fish Tank, Pond, Aquarium, Statuary, Hydroponics
  • Specifications: Dimensions: 2.87” x 1.65” x 2.2”; The 5-ft. long...
  • Detachable & Cleanable: This compact water pump is easy to hide or...
  • A Variety of Outlet Positions: Place the pump flat and choose...
  • Wide Range of Application: High performance energy-efficient pump...
  • 4 Suction Cups: 4 suction cups are strong and require no extra tools...

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  • GPH: 160
  • Ideal for 30-40 gallons (113-151 Liters)

This tiny Vivosun was the most basic of all the pumps that I considered.

There’s no slide bracket or a way to guide the flow. It’s just a tiny pump with suction cups connected to the rear. It is placed onto your glass, and it will push the water out straight away.

This pump was the second-lowest GPH of all. It’s a good option to add some flow to a smaller tank, for example, a 30 or 40-gallon. It can provide more flow, but not take up much space inside the tank.

The water pump is very easy to set up, however, I’m concerned about the length of time that the tiny suction cups it is using will last.

If you require more flow of water inside a small tank I believe this would be an ideal option.

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5. Aquaneat A769

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  • GPH: 206
  • Ideal for 40-55 Gallons (151-208 Liters)

Aquaneat came with a few different features from other water pump models. The outflow was equipped with two connections. One was a section of tubing which was shown in the directions as was connected to an e-fountainhead (not included) just above the level of the river.

Also, it comes with an unreliable, small sprayer. The nozzle can only point in one direction. There is no option to rotate or alter its direction in any way.

The pump comes with the ability to slide a bracket, however, I really really dislike the suction cups that come with it. It’s too easy to take them off the shelf and they’re way too small for a pump that is this large.

Overall, I was not an enthusiastic user of the water pumps. It’s not very feature-rich and doesn’t appear to be one that will hold a solid bond to the lateral of the tank for a long time.

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How does a submersible pump work?

A water pump is able to create the motion of water, circulate it, and eliminate particles in your tank. In the end, installing the quietest water pump in your aquarium helps maintain good water quality. Are you aware of how a submersible pump functions? We will then be taught about it in this article.

Set the water pump underwater and switch it on, then the impeller will spin at a high speed. Meanwhile, the water inside the pump will spin with the impeller.

After that, by means of centrifugal force water will be released through the outlet. After discharge an area of low-press vacuum will be visible in the middle of the impeller.

When the pressure of the atmosphere increases is increased, the water from the tank for fish is pumped into the water pump via the suction tube.

Additionally, for the restricted amount of water in the pump as the amount of water discharged slowly increases the pressure will increase in a similar manner so that the water can then be released out of the outlet in the end.

In essence, the water is taken into the tank of fish and discharged continuously through the outlet of the pump.

Can I use submersible water pump in aquarium

What size pump do I need for my aquarium?

Before making a final decision it is important to consider the flow rate and power of the water pump as much as the head’s height and capacity of the water inside your fish tank.

Particularly, the size of your aquarium and filtration types and species of fish, as well as the density of fish should be considered. Usually, large tanks as well as high levels of fish population require a water pump that has powerful power.

In addition, the flow rate is going to be dependent on the head height of a tank for fish. The higher the head height the less flow for the fluid.

In addition, the rate of flow of the water pump should be 3 to 5 times greater than the capacity of your aquarium.

For an enormous fish tank, 8 times is more effective. So, it’s better to determine the capacity of your water ahead of time. You can then ensure the highest stream rate for your fish. Excessive flow rates could create excessive circulation and injury to fish, and small flow levels are not good for fish.

The next step is to share the available flow rates of water pumps that are suitable for various sizes of aquariums. Take this as a guideline.

Aquarium sizeThe rate of flow that can be achieved by the pump (GPH)
5 gallon54-90 GPH
10 gallon114-190 GPH
20 gallon225-375 GPH
30 gallon342-570 GPH
50 gallon570-950 GPH
75 gallon855-1425 GPH

Consider a 75-gallon tank for example. It requires a pump with between 855 and 1425 GPH flow. Then, compare the requirements of the aquarium against the specifications for water pumps.

It was found that the40W pumpis a viable option. In addition, the pump is suitable for saltwater tanks as well as freshwater tanks. Additionally, it can be employed as a submersible pump or external pump.

If you have a 10-gallon tank it is suggested that a tiny aquarium pump could be a good alternative. A smaller one is more affordable than a bigger one. An electronic water pump (Hygger) is another option.

It is able to be fitted to various sizes of aquariums such as 30-gallon 50-gallon 75-gallon and even 30-gallon. You just need to select the size you require.

How to clean a submersible water pump?

In general, it is suggested to cleanse its submersible pump once every two months. In the absence of this, dirt or debris could build up in the pumps, and this can result in a blocked pump, and consequently a lower flow rate.

Apart from that aside from that, here are some suggestions regarding cleaning your water pumps.

After you have shut off the water pump it is possible to remove it from the fish tank. The water pump that is powered off is easier to clean and protects you from electric shock.

After that, you should check the water outlet of the water pump, and remove the pump. Then, place the pump into the water and add detergent. Then, shake it vigorously to get rid of the debris. Following that, get rid of any leftover dirt and other debris using the help of a cloth or brush.

Furthermore, you must clean the pump with clean water. After that, you can install your water pumps.

It is however recommended to test the water before having completed the process of reinstalling it. You can put it in a different bucket or tank to see whether the pump functions properly or not.


What Pump Should I Use For My Aquarium?

The flow rate must not be less than five times greater than the size that the tank holds. If, for instance, your aquarium is 40 gallons, then you’ll be looking to buy an aquarium water pump that has a minimum of 200 GPH (gallons per hour) flow rate.

How Do I Know What Size Submersible Pump I Need?

In the majority of homes that are average-sized and located in areas that have average water tables, a 1/3 HP sump pump should suffice. Typically 1/3 HP pumps are able to handle 7′ to 10 vertical lifts out of the sump pit provided that they are equipped with a 90-degree elbow as well as a horizontal pipe that runs between 3 25 and 3 feet.

How Do You Select A Submersible Pump?

Here’s what to consider when selecting the right submersible water pump The pump’s capacity/flow rate is the measure of how many liquids per minute the submersible pump is able to transfer in the best setting, that is, that it is not subject to resistance or need to push the water upwards.

Can I Run The Submersible Pump For 24 Hours?

Borehole pumps for starters can be used for up to 24 hours. However, a normal borehole pump is expected to be running between 6 and 8 hours. It’s not ideal to let your borehole pump operate all the time. If you have electrical pumps running indefinitely, your electric bill will increase dramatically.

Conclusion: Which submersible pump is best for aquarium?

Although all of these pumps are fantastic as they are be sure to understand the exact purpose you require for them. An aquarium pump generally does not require to have the same power as the one you would make use of it to create vertical fountains.

In any case, if you’re looking for an efficient water flow, then you must look into the submersible water pump.

What submersible pump is best for aquariums? Of all the pumps, I loved the design and characteristics of the Marineland Maxi-Jet the most. I am awed by the ability to quickly and effortlessly alter the direction of water flow. The mounting bracket is robust.

I also rated the SunSun JP-024 as it was my top choice for a more powerful GPH pump. But it was I thought that the Aqua Miracle proved to be the winner in my opinion in terms of GPH and I was awed by its strong suction cups.

The Vivosun is an excellent choice to provide extra volume to tanks that are smaller by approx. 30-40gallons (113-151 L).

I’d recommend avoiding these Aquaneat pumps for water. It’s got a decent GPH however, it’s weak in other aspects.

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Dibyajyoti Bordoloi is the creator and author of FishCampRehab.com, a third-generation experienced fish keeper and owner of a successful pet breeding farm. He is also a member of the Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation And Conservation (Assam), the Marine Aquarium Societies of North East India, and the Kaziranga Nature Conservancy of Assam.