3 Best Jebao Wavemaker Reviews – [Models OW/ CP/ SOW/ With Comparison]

Jebao Wavemaker is one of the most effective wavemakers on the market currently. It is easy to use, and well-known to fish, aids corals and invertebrates within your tank, and reduces “dead spots,” decorative appearance, and so on!

Jebao Wavemaker is one of the most popular brand wavemakers to the avid aquarist. This article has reviewed the top Jabao Wavemaker’s three top-rated models.

How do you choose the best wavemaker?

  • The first thing to consider when buying an item is the price. Does the price fit within your budget? And does the product that is on sale at an affordable price satisfy the specifications you require to have for your wavemaker?
  • Installation is simple and easy, one of the main aspects of a wavemaker Easy installation minimizes the chance of altering your wavemaker and other unintentional risks and mistakes that can occur during the installation process. It must be simple and easy and simple, all the time.
  • Quality, buying authentic and reliable brands such as Jebao’s Jebao wavemaker is one method to ensure that your wavemaker can stand up to the tests of time.
  • Safety is an important feature of the wavemaker as electricity and water could be hazardous, especially given the fact that they are operated by electrical energy, you must be sure to purchase a wavemaker that has safety certifications and an excellent reputation.

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Jebao Wavemakers make up the top waves for divers. The Jebao brand comes with a range of wavemaker models to suit different sizes of tanks. They are all equipped with an easy-to-use control, are energy efficient, and are simple to use.

In this best Jebao wavemaker review, I’ll discuss three models. Each of them includes the capacity of various sizes of tanks and functions.

If you’re looking to discover the best Jebao wavemaker suitable for the size of your tank, I would suggest reading this article until the very end.

3 Best Jebao Wavemaker Reviews Overview

Professional aquarists or dealers of aquarium accessories know everything about wavemakers. If they are able to recommend Jebao Wavemakers, you can be sure that it’s worth the investment. Can it be used by a beginner? Yes, it’s appropriate for all levels of aquarium fishermen.

From this most comprehensive Jebao wavemaker review it will be clear about three of its top models. To make it easier for you I’ll also include an overview table so you can look at the differentiators between the three models.

Jebao OW Wavemaker

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If you’re short on money then you might want to consider purchasing one of the Jebao OW Series Wavemakers. It is not only inexpensive, but it’s extremely durable, simple to clean, and comes with a variety of capacity tanks.


  • Capacity The capacity of a wavemaker can make it difficult to locate a wavemaker that is suitable for the size of your tank, particularly in the case of particular brands or models. But don’t worry! There’s a solution! The Jebao OW series offers different wavemakers with different tank capacities. They are available with capacities of 10, 40, and 50-gallon tank capacities.
  • Inflow Rate Jebao ensured that the wavemakers were exactly what customers wanted. This is why these pumps have different flow rates. In other words, the 10, 40, and 50 models are equipped with the 132-1056 GPH 317-3962 GPH, and 449-5283 GPH rates.
  • Modes and Functions By using the controller, you’ll be able to use the wavemaker with ease. The wavemakers come with eight flow modes that offer various flow patterns. In addition, there is the option of setting up Feed mode or Night mode to reduce the flow, and then stop the pump in order to stop it for a moment.
  • Tank Type You definitely do not need to think about the type of tank you have. The wave pump is suitable for all tanks including the nano reef tank freshwater tanks and marine fish tanks.

It is possible to compare the capacities of the Jebao OW series with the capacity of the Jebao OW series from the following table:

ModelsPower/VoltFlow RateTank Size
Jebao OW 10100-120V132-1056 GPH10-100 Gallons
Jebao OW 40100-120V317-3962 GPH40-200 Gallons
Jebao OW 50100-120V449-5283 GPH50-350 Gallons

Pros & Cons


  • Budget-friendly
  • Reliable
  • Durable material
  • Controller system wavemaker
  • It has a variety of flow modes.
  • Does it have a feeding mode used for feeding?
  • Simple magnet mount pump


  • Sometimes, it can be loud.
  • It could be improved


My opinion is that this OW wavemaker is the most effective Jebao wavemaker to use in your tank if it needs something light, flexible, and yet sturdy. Installation and adjusting flow rates are much easier when using this wavemaker. You can buy this wave pump on Amazon.

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Jebao CP-150 Cross Flow Pump Wavemaker

Jebao SCP-150 Sine Cross Flow Pump Wave Maker with Controller
  • Crossflow technology make the flow return to pump directly 360 degree...
  • Create different type of the flow similar as natural wave; evenly...
  • Unique control system allows to wave off different types and multiple...
  • Dimension: 13" X 3" X 1.6", 100V-240v 50/60hz DC 24V 55w , 3-prong us...
  • Assume 6000-7500 GPH (Cross Flow for Whole Tank)

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Wavemakers aren’t just for making waves, do you think? I’m sure you’ve heard this already. The reason I’m asking you is that some people utilize wavemakers to maintain the cleanliness of their tanks as well. Also, the Jebao CP-150 Cross Flow Wavemaker is a useful item of kit.


  • 360-degree rotation: As I’ve been declaring, Jebao wavemakers are made to ensure that your tank is well-maintained. This filter is able to get rid of all types of algae and dirt using its 360-degree rotation function. Jebao’s SCP-120 model functions exactly the same way.
  • Cross-Flow Technology: One of the most fascinating aspects of a cross-flow wavemaker is that water is returned through the pump. This helps eliminate dead zones within your tank.

Cross-flow creates natural waves throughout the aquarium, making it good for fish. This method improves the oxygen levels in the tank and also improves the tank’s oxygen levels.

  • The Tank Size Jebao CP-150 is built to be used in large tanks. It is perfect for any fish tank with a 300 to 750-gallon capacity. However, the SCP-120 model can be used in tanks with 250-450 gallons.
  • Wave Modes and Settings There are four wave modes with this wavemaker. It has an easy-to-use controller that is simple to set up and use. The Feed function shuts down the pump for 10 minutes so that you can give the fish food. And, despite all these procedures and settings, the Jebao CP-150 wavemaker is extremely silent.

You can evaluate the capacities of Jebao SCP-120 and CP-150 from the following table:

ModelPower/VoltFlow RateTank Size
Jebao CP-150100-240V6000-7500 GPH300-750 Gallons
Jebao SCP-120100-240V4300-4600 GPH200-450 Gallons

Pros & Cons


  • Energy-efficient
  • Different wave modes and feeding modes are available.
  • Make sure that you have a healthy and safe tank environment.
  • Ideal suitable for tanks with large amounts of water
  • Reliable
  • Installation is simple and easy to do
  • Noiseless


  • A few customers find the control complex


If you’re looking for a highly efficient and reliable pump for your wave, this CP-150 model could be the ideal option. It is of the highest quality which makes it the top Jebao wavemaker. You can check the latest prices and news from Amazon.

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Jebao SOW Wavemaker

Jebao SOW Wave Maker Flow Pump with Controller for Marine Reef Aquarium (SOW-15)
  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater, Easy installation and maintenance
  • Silent design with Magnetic bracket
  • Night sensor - automatically detects when tank lights go out and slows...
  • One-touch feed mode - slows pump for a period of 10 minutes
  • 100V 60Hz US plug, 1200L/h to 15000L/h, Recommend for 60-90 gallons

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Jebao SOW series Jebao SOW series has numerous choices for wavemakers, with various tank capacities. From small to huge each tank will receive an equal flow and wave distribution when using these wavemakers. If your tank requires additional pumps for wave do not fret about the cost. Since the SOW range pumps are priced reasonably.


  • Tank Type: Just like other Jebao wavemakers The OW wave pumps can be used with all types of tanks. They are suitable for use in both saltwater and freshwater fish tanks.

The pumps will distribute the water flow equally across the entire area of the tank, without issue. This means that regardless of the type of fish tank you have they will function perfectly to improve the environment of your tank.

  • Installation: Installation: The Jebao SOW wavemaker series are magnet mounts, and the components are together. This means that you don’t have to endure any additional effort to install. In addition, you’ll receive double-sided tapes for mounting the controller. This is easy and quick.
  • Modes There are eight different modes. Each mode has its own waves, which make the flow of water in tanks more natural. Night Mode Night Mode has a sensor that detects the moment the light on the tank goes out and then slows down the flow.
  • It is possible to compare the capacities that are available of Jebao SOW-8, SOW-15 and SOW-20 in the following table.
ModelsPower/VoltFlow RateTank Size
Jebao SOW-8100V700-8500 L/h30-60 Gallons
Jebao SOW-15100V1200-15000 L/h60-90 Gallons
Jebao SOW-20100V1700-20000 L/h90-150 Gallons

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable price
  • Installation is simple
  • Multiple modes of waves and a flow control system
  • Sensor for Automatic Night Mode
  • Versatile design
  • Lightweight


  • It’s less durable than we expected


Some people believe that they are Jebao SOW Wavemakers may be more powerful than they’re intended to be. I’d suggest that you use them in tanks of a certain size, but slightly larger than what is described. If you’d like to buy this wavemaker take a look at the latest version at Amazon.

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Comparison Between Jebao OW/ CP/ SOW Models

What is the main difference between Jebao OW, SOW, and CP wavemakers? You already know the answer. It’s in both their capabilities and strength.

These OW Series wave makers are best suited for small fish tanks and those in the CP as well as the SOW series can be used with large to medium-sized aquariums for fish. Certain models are powered by low power, while some have pumps with high power. However, all are energy efficient. Check out the table below for a better understanding.

ModelsPower/VoltFlow RateTank Size
Jebao OW100-120V132-5283 GPH10-350 Gallons
Jebao CP-150100-240V6000-7500 GPH300-750 Gallons
Jebao SOW100V135-5283 GPH30-150 Gallons

Jebao Wavemaker Controller Manual

This best Jebao wavemaker review is to give you an idea of how they function. However, the handling of the Jebao wavemaker control isn’t an issue.

Each controller of Jebao is equipped with identical settings and flow modes. The instructions included in the box will explain all you must be aware of. However, if you want to comprehend the basic functions more clearly it is recommended to read the instructions below or refer to the user’s guide.


There are a variety of buttons as well as a knob to control different modes and settings.

  • Mode/Night: You can push the button to change modes. Long-held hold-downs will activate Night mode.
  • Speed: By using this, you will put you in flow mode and feed mode.
  • The lock button can allow you to operate various functions, and also switch to lock mode.
  • Knob It is possible to rotate the knob, allowing you to increase or decrease the speed of flow.


Jebao offers a unique control system that allows for different wave types and functions. It is possible to use various wave patterns within the tank.

Through the control via wireless, you can manage the wavemaker’s controlled operation in synchronization. It is possible to control all of it with one remote controller. Since it’s an electric DC pump that is low-voltage it is safe for both the user as well as the tank’s residents.

Utilizing the Wavemaker controller is simple. It allows you to adjust several wave motions. Also, it comes with various power systems that help stop wave impacts in the event of extended power impacts.


The majority of Jebao controllers are available in five distinct modes. They also have five indicator lights under the controllers. Whatever mode you choose the indicator will light up.

  • W1: This is how the waves are generated. You can adjust the speed of the wave using the knob once this mode is in use. By turning the knob clockwise or counterclockwise, you can alter the length of the wave.
  • W2: You can run multiple pumps with this mode. You can change the flow rate using the Speed/Feed switch.
  • The other option is an uncontrolled mode. In this mode, you permit the controller to charge on the frequency of the waves. This is why this mode does not need any kind of regulation.
  • H: This pump has the highest flow rate and can operate more than one pump at a time. You can alter the flow by pressing the Speed/Feed switch.
  • C If two pumps are operating simultaneously, one of them stops while the other pump begins. The shift in their flow can be controlled by pressing a C switch.


It is a good fit for any aquarium with fish. But, if the thickness of your tank of less than 15mm the device will be even more effective. What you’ll receive includes a wireless controller, adapter double-sided adhesive tape power cable, and user’s guide.

To put the pump together Do the following:

  • Remove the magnetically attached to the bottom of the basket.
  • Put the pump where you would like to put it in the tank for fish.
  • The pad of rubber can help to close it.
  • Then, move the magnet out of the tank to the exact location where the inside of the pump lies.
  • If the two pieces are able to meet on each side they will remain in their positions.

Then, you can set the controller up as follows:

  • Remove the protective paper on the other side of the adhesive tape, and place it on the outside of the tank.
  • Then, peel off the protection paper from the other edge of the tape.
  • Place the controller on the tape.
  • Connect the pump’s cable and plug the connector into the control.
  • Connect your controller’s AC wire adapter.


The controller provides two different types of controls Master Control as well as Save Control. Press Wi-Le at least once for the controller to go into Master Control. The Master indicator will turn on when it is active.

If you’d like to disable the Slave control Press and hold the wi-le until the indicator goes off. When you’ve got two Wavemakers in the tank it is possible to make one Master while the other is Slave for a better outcome.


Long hold to the Night button to switch into the Night mode. Activating the mode will ensure the water flows in a normal manner throughout the daytime. As it gets dark at night, it will be dark and the Night mode will be activated immediately. This will keep the water flowing at an acceptable level and will keep the area entirely quiet.


The feeding mode shuts down the wave pump for a certain time so that you can feed the fish whenever you want. Simply press the Speed/Feed button till the light indicator changes to blue.

The pump will shut off for around 10 minutes in order to allow sufficient time to feed the fish. Once the time has expired the pump will start in a sequence.


The long-pressing of the Wi-Le/Lock button for a long time to secure the entire controller system. When this feature is enabled the settings or wave pattern will be locked until you unlock the settings.


A controller can be the sole method to ensure that the wavemaker performs effectively. Also, you must make sure it isn’t afflicted with harm and lasts for a long duration.

  • Cleanse the controller often to improve performance.
  • Clean the controller using an unwashed piece of cloth to dry any water splashed.
  • To wash the pump basket make sure to rotate it clockwise to let it open. Close the pump by rotating it clockwise once you’ve cleaned it.
  • Clean the blade and take the debris from the pump using the help of a soft cloth.


Don’t do these things to ensure your controller is secure.

  • Make sure the controller is kept out of the water.
  • Find a dry area where water will not splash.
  • Be cautious with the magnet as it’s quite strong.
  • Do not take the controller apart without consulting a professional.

Availability Of Jebao Wavemaker’s Replacement Parts

If it’s about Jebao’s replacement components There aren’t any that are from Jebao itself. However, you can still get the controller in case it is damaged.

This Jebao replacement controller includes an adapter cable that allows users to connect to an old plug. The appearance or location of the knob might be different if you’ve previously utilized another wavemaker. But, it works exactly the same.

Jebao sells impellers for sale as replacement parts. But, they may not be suitable for all sizes of pumps. However, if you find that your Jebao wavemaker impeller is damaged then you can replace it with any other wave impeller for your pump. However, make sure the dimension is identical to the previous component.

The head of the wavemaker is able to be changed. However, it is with the WP 10/25/40/60 pump size. In addition, you can also find blocks, cables cover rubbers wavemaker bases, and more. for replacement components.

Although Jebao does not have a lot of options for replacement parts, however, there are always parts that are able to fit. If you’re unable to choose the one you want or the size you require, it’s better to consult with someone who is more knowledgeable.

Our Final Recommendations & Verdict

Best Jebao Wavemaker Review

Jebao wavemakers typically feature five different wave modes or settings: W1 Else, H, and C.

  • W1 mode accelerates the flow of water, then it slows down and it is possible to end the stream.
  • W2 mode is essentially exactly the same thing as W1 mode, however, it is not possible to turn off the W2 mode.
  • Else mode enables the wavemaker to generate random flow patterns.
  • H stands for high flow. It also has control of speed and on and offsetting.
  • C offers comparatively low-speed flow, but it also allows speed control.

As you can see, the chosen models included in this best Jebao Wavemaker review are all top-quality and highly efficient. Therefore, it’s difficult to select just one or two. If you require suggestions, I’m here to assist you.

Jebao OW-10 and the Jebao OW-10 and Jebao SOW Series are the most effective wave-setters to use in small reef tanks. They can be used for 10 to 100 tanks with a capacity of 10 to 100 gallons.

If you own mid-sized aquariums If you have a mid-sized fish tank, the Jebao OW Wave Maker series is the ideal pump. They are high-perming, wave pumps. Their ability to regulate the flow rate and modes is an advantage for users.

I’d recommend that you purchase the Jebao CP-150 Wavemaker if you have a huge fish tank. This is among the top models I have reviewed and is suitable for all kinds of aquariums.

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What is cross flow Jebao?

Crossflow technology allows the flow to return directly to the pump 360 degrees, without dead spots, resulting in a new kind of flow, similar to the wave maker.

Is cross flow better than counter flow?

Towers with crossflow will be more suitable for maintenance access, flexible flow as well and operating in cold weather. Counterflow towers are a good choice in spaces with a tight space under 500 tons, or in places where less operating weight is needed.

Why cross flow filtration is better?

Since cross-flow eliminates build-up on the membrane’s surface and the permeate flux will not fall as fast as compared with dead-end filtering. Cross-flow technology also offers the benefit of a prolonged membrane’s lifespan, as it helps stop irreparable fouling.

What is the flow rate of Jebao SLW 20?

It is able to adjust the flow rate that can be adjusted 10,000 LPH. The small Jebao Sine Wave Pump is suitable for nano reef aquariums. It has the ability to control external drives making it a sturdy and secure pump that can be operated continuously, and it is long-lasting.

Do cichlids need a wave maker?

The answer is simple: no. A wave maker isn’t essential. An air pump that has an air stone, or an easy sponge filter setup can provide surface agitation to ensure the proper transfer of oxygen. The addition of the option of a wave maker is highly beneficial for specific tank or fish configurations.

What is the flow rate of Jebao sow?

Flow Rate: 500 to 3000 Litres/hour (130 -790 GPH)

How big of a wave maker do I need?

It is recommended to choose the size that is able to turn the tank’s volume of water at a rate of 10 to 50 times per hour. This means that if you own 20 gallons of a tank, aim for a wavemaker capable of a minimum of 200 gph, and preferably at least 1,000!

What is the flow rate of Jebao DCP 6500?

Maximum Flow Rate: 28.5 Gallons Per Minute

What is the flow rate of Jebao DCP 2500?

Maximum Flow Rate: 11 Gallons Per Minute

Conclusion: Best Jebao Wavemaker Reviews

In the end, after you’ve read the best Jebao wavemaker review in detail you’ll be able to choose which one will work best with your preferences and requirements.

There are many brands that make wavemakers. However, what makes Jebao wave pumps distinguish themselves is their flexibility. They are distinctive and elegant. And, of course, how efficient they are.

To present today’s top Jebao Wavemaker review, I’ve listed the things you must be aware of before purchasing any of the models. However, you’ll be able to experience more than just their exceptional performance when you get them in use.

Keep in mind that you must take into consideration the dimensions of your aquarium to determine which brand would be a good fit for you.

Make sure you choose the right wave maker that can recreate a natural but artificial wave inside your aquarium. In this way, you will be able to provide your pets with a kind of environment that is similar to the natural environment.

It’s great to know that it is possible to make artificial waves in the tank without having to continue your search or invest a lot of money in a machine that is capable of performing top-quality according to your specifications and preferences.

Dibyajyoti Bordoloi is the creator and author of FishCampRehab.com, a third-generation experienced fish keeper and owner of a successful pet breeding farm. He is also a member of the Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation And Conservation (Assam), the Marine Aquarium Societies of North East India, and the Kaziranga Nature Conservancy of Assam.