7 Quietest And Best Aquarium Air Pumps [2024 Updated]

Do you want the quietest and best aquarium air pump for your fish tank in 2024? Our experts researched and found it just for you. In fact, I personally tested and reviewed 7 different aquarium air pumps.

If you’re just beginning to learn about the aquarium hobby, it is likely that you are overwhelmed by what exactly you should purchase for your aquarium.

Air pumps are one of the items that do not appear on the essentials list, but nevertheless, they’re very popular and lots of customers choose to incorporate the pumps in their tanks.

It can provide a range of valuable services. This part of the equipment is often simple, but it is a valuable component of the tank.

What specifically is an air pump? How are they used and why should you use one?

In the following guide, we’ll address all of the questions listed above, in addition to looking at seven well-known best aquarium air pumps on the market.

Air pumps used to be an essential part of aquariums. Even though they are not used as frequently these days a quality air pump remains a fantastic aquarium accessory. Anything that is from bubble curtains and moving decorations to UGFs and sponge filters requires an air pump to function properly.

Here, we present:

The Top 7 Best Aquarium Air Pumps In 2024

1. Tetra Whisper: Easy to Use Air Pump for Aquariums

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  • Great for use in 10-Gallon aquariums
  • Whisper air pumps give reliable service at a very economical cost
  • Efficient, well-made, and easy to use

2. EcoPlus HGC728459 Eco Air7 Commercial Air Pump

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  • Valves are extremely fit and accurate.
  • EcoPlus moves a huge amount of air in comparison to other air pumps.
  • Heavy-duty and well-made unit.
  • It comes with 12 months warranty.

3. Mylivell Quietest Aquarium Air Pump Ultra Silent

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  • Very easy to set up the pump.
  • It comes with an air stone and an air tube.
  • This pump can be fitted outside the aquarium to save space.
  • Available in dual colors – white and black.

4. Pawfly MA-60 Quiet Aquarium Air Pump

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  • This air pump comes with everything you need to aerate your fish tank.
  • The pump set has adjustable airflow.
  • Great and powerful pump for supplying aeration for two air stones.
  • This set is a quality well-made pump and has a sturdy feel.

5. Hygger Quiet High Output 10W Aquarium Air Pump

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  • Very quiet because of the design of the magnetic bearing.
  • This pump can aerate multiple aquariums at the same time.
  • Insulated stainless steel cases of the pump minimize the noise even more.

6. Hydrofarm Active Aqua

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  • Inexpensive line of powerful air pumps
  • Adjustable flow rates
  • Models with multiple ports ranging up to as many as eight outlets
  • They are available in four models

7. Tetra Whisper AP 150

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  • Tetra brand’s most powerful line of air pumps provides dramatic bubble effects
  • It is designed for aquariums with significant backpressure. It pumps air down to 8 feet deep
  • It is versatile. A single pump supplies air to all your powered accessories
  • Most reliable. Need not worry about oxygen supply in the tank water

What is an Aquarium Air Pump?

An aquarium air pump injects air into the tank’s water.

The process causes the water to be displaced and the air that is drawn through the pump produces bubbles that release into the water.

The bubbles produce a current in the water and release carbon dioxide towards the bottom of the tank. The carbon dioxide and other gaseous substances are released from the water, and oxygen is absorbed through the surface of the water.

This gives fish more oxygenated waters.

How Does An Air Pump Work?

An air pump is a device that works in two major ways:

1. By expanding the surface area

If air gets pumped into the aquarium, it is able to move across the surface which expands it. This increases the surface area of the water. Through the growing surface area, there are more chances for oxygen to get into the surface of the water by gas exchange.

On the surface of water carbon dioxide and gasses are released into the atmosphere and oxygen is absorbed into it.

So the bigger bubbles the pump produces, the more oxygen the water will be capable of taking in.

2. By enhancing circulation

Air pumps also improve the circulation in tanks for fish by circulating the water. They help the water from below to rise to the surface so that it releases carbon dioxide and absorbs oxygen.

The Best Aquarium Air Pumps Reviewed

Best Value: Tetra Whisper

Best Value Aquarium Air Pump

This reliable and simple to set up air pump is ideal for a 10-gallon aquarium. It’s both economical and reliable.

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This air pump features a unique dome shape which makes it stand out from other pumps.

It is equipped with its own sound dampening chamber which produces an air stream that is quiet which reduces the amount of turbulence that occurs in water.

This is a robust and solid pump that provides all aeration demands for the 10-gallon tank.

It is also available in various sizes that can be used for aquariums as large as 300 gallons.


  • The price is very reasonable.
  • It’s quiet when put on a firm, solid surface.
  • This pump is ideal for small aquariums.
  • Rubber feet on each leg help to reduce vibrations.


  • There is no tubing.
  • Pumps require replacement at least every 2 years.
  • It is impossible to alter the flow of air.

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Large Pump: Commercial EcoPlus Pump

Best Large Aquarium Pump

If you’re looking for a pump that is big enough to supply oxygen across many structures, hydroponic setups, or fish farms This is the pump for you.

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The air pump is perfect for any huge commercial setup.

It’s also a great pump to use for outdoor ponds. The pump is available in a variety of sizes, offering between four and sixteen outlets.

The pump is exceptionally strong and durable. It includes all the fittings that you require to install it.


  • Valves are a highly precise and a perfect fit.
  • It can move a lot of air when compared to the other pump.
  • Solidly constructed and tough to use.
  • It comes with the 12 months warranty.


  • The pump creates quite a bit of sound.
  • It’s only 6 inches of tubing provided You may have to purchase more.
  • Remove the plastic cover in order to clean it of foam filter.

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Quietest: Mylivell Ultra Silent

The Quietest Air Pump

The quiet pump is perfect for tanks in bedrooms, or in rooms where aren’t hearing an earful sound.

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This pump is different from other pumps that are available. It doesn’t have any motor, shaft, or electromagnetic system as many other pumps are available.

Instead, it is driven by an extremely very thin ceramic plate which makes it extremely compact, silent, and extremely light.

It’s so quiet you need to put it in front of your ear in order to hear any sound.

The pump is available in two different sizes. One size is suitable for as much as 13 gallons, the other one is suitable for tanks larger than 40 gallons.


  • It is very easy to set up.
  • It comes with an air tube as well as an air stone.
  • The tank can be positioned outside the tank in order to reduce space.
  • Available in two colors – white and black.


  • Only one device can be connected to the device.
  • It’s costly in comparison with other pumps.
  • The power cord is quite short (only 3 feet long).

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Adjustable: Uniclife Pump

The Adjustable Air Pump

This pump includes everything you require to supply peace of mind and maintain the levels of oxygen in your water.

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Its Uniclife Adjustable air pump is tiny and uses a low amount of power.

The fact that it is adjustable allows you to decrease in flow rate which makes it ideal for tanks between 20 gallons and 100 gallons.

A rotating dial is used that controls its dual-port outlets, you can set it to the higher setting to generate greater airflow and bubbles or choose a lower setting to make less.

It comes with two outlets which allow it to be linked to two pieces of equipment. equipment.

This pump is very easy to install, and the directions are easy to follow.


  • The complete set includes everything you require to aerate an aquarium.
  • Has an adjustable airflow.
  • A powerful pump is ideal to provide the aeration of two airstones.
  • It is made with a sturdy feel and is a high-quality, well-constructed pump.


  • A bit quiet, but not completely quiet.
  • The House is rather large.
  • The greater the flow rate, the nosier the pump is.

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Best: Hygger 30-600 Gallon Pump

The Best Aquarium Pump

Its 10W robust pump will aerate tanks as small as 30 gallons all the way to massive 600-gallon setups.

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The most robust aquarium pump that we are showing.

The pump was made with a bearingless motor so it does not generate a lot of vibrations or noise.

This pump is not powerful enough for tanks that are less than 30 gallons. However, it can be used to fill tanks that range from 30 to 600 gallons.

It has two air outlets However, you’ll require a 4mm air tube to connect the pump to the air stones or bubbler.


  • Very quiet due to its magnetic bearings design.
  • It’s possible to aerate several tanks at once.
  • Insulated stainless steel cases help reduce the background noise further.


  • The airflow isn’t controlled.
  • Still louder than the smaller pumps.
  • More expensive than other pumps.

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Does Your Fish Tank Need An Air Pump?

There are a variety of reasons to include one of these air pumps in your aquarium. The most popular reason is to supply your fish with more oxygen.

Every fish needs oxygen for breathing, and the majority use their gills to absorb dissolved oxygen from the water. Aquariums in general take in oxygen near the surface. However, when you use pumps pump that pumps water, you can increase the amount of oxygen that is in the water.

But if you own a HOB filter or a canister filter it is likely that you won’t require an air pump as the filter is already agitating its surface sufficiently to let it breathe.

Here are some instances in which you may need an air pump or may want to incorporate one into your setup

  1. Air pumps can be used to help circulate areas of water to prevent them from becoming stagnant. For instance, if you own an area that is fenced to ornaments or trees, it is possible to install an air pump and stones there.
  2. Certain ornaments and decorations are only functional through an air pump such as spinning wheels or erupting volcanoes.
  3. Air pumps can be connected to air stones in order to make bubbles within the tank. Some people believe that this is the primary reason to install the pump to simply enjoy the aesthetics of the bubbles. In addition to admiring the graceful fish swimming around and watching the bubbles ascend towards the roof of your tank could be a great way to relax.
  4. Air pumps are commonly needed for semi-aquatic animals such as Frogs, Newts, Salamanders, and Crabs.
  5. If you’re trying to attempt to replicate what happens naturally in a medium to rapid-moving body of water, such as the river, you could make use of the air pump to generate more motion within the water. It is likely that you will want to utilize a powerhead along with filters and a pump to make a smooth water flow.
  6. Air pumps are also necessary to operate certain equipment like filters as well as protein skimmers. For instance, if, for example, you own an under-gravel filter, you will probably need to purchase an air pump to enable the filter to work.

How To Choose The Right Air Pump?

The majority of pumps come with the recommended size of an aquarium on them.

Always make sure to select an extra-large pump that you think you’ll require in particular when you have the deep tank.

The primary factors that will influence your choice are:

  • Price
  • Size
  • Equipment
  • Noise
  • Tank Compatibility
  • Power


Pumps are priced differently and range between $6 to several hundred dollars.

If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll need to choose a great value for money pump. If you’re looking for an ongoing, professional setup it is likely that you’ll choose an expensive pump that lasts for a longer duration.


The size is a key factor to consider when deciding which pump you’d like to purchase.

Some of them are small and are able to remain hidden away, whereas others are larger and require more space.

Be aware of the location where the pump will be placed, and how much room you have before you purchase one.


Which pieces of equipment are you planning for it to be connected to?

Certain air pumps have only one connection point. This is ideal if you have only one item of equipment to supply power.

What happens if you would like to power a few ornaments such as for instance, an air stone, and an under-gravel filter? You’ll need a pump that has multiple connection points.


How quiet is it?

One of the most important aspects people take into consideration when researching a product is the level of quietness that it is. pump is.

If the fish tank you have is located in the main living space within your home, chances are that you’ll require a quiet tank that doesn’t create a lot of sounds.


Air pumps are usually powered by being plugged in but many come with the option of a battery-powered option. It is worth it in order to maintain your air pump in operation even if there is an outage in power.

Tank Compatibility

Air pumps should help circulate oxygen and eliminate unwanted gas in the aquarium’s water. If the air pump isn’t big enough and insufficient, it’s not able to complete its job properly. Be sure to double-check to ensure that the pump you purchase matches the dimensions of your tank, as well as other equipment you might include, such as the air stone or a sponge filter.

How To Set Up an Aquarium Air Pump

The majority of pumps aren’t waterproof and therefore must be placed outside the tank. They are also generally required to be able to sit above the water level.

Placing it higher than its waterline, can stop the flow of water back into the pump (this can cause the breakage of the pump). If you have to put your air pump below that level of water, be sure you use a check valve to stop the water from returning.

Find a place to set your pump up, and put it on a surface that will help minimize vibrations (and the noise) generated by it.

Installing the pump is very simple You will require the pump, the air pump, tubing, check values, T-values, or Y-values as well as the equipment you wish to connect with the pump.

Step One First, connect the tubing to the pump according to the directions provided.

Step 2 Step Two: Install the values This depends on the pump you have as well as the valves you will need to put in.

Step Three Step Three: Make sure you connect to the Air pump in the equipment that you wish to power the tank.

4. Once everything has been installed, you are able to connect the pump to the closest electrical outlet.


Sometimes, the pump you pick will arrive in a set that includes everything you require.

If you have other pumps, you’ll have to purchase some of the following equipment to put it in place.

  • Check Valve: The check valve is used to stop water from flowing back into the air pump. This is crucial in situations in which the pump is set to be at a lower level than the level of water.
  • Gang Valve: These are employed when you have multiple pieces of equipment that you wish to work with an air pump.
  • Airline Tubing: This tubing is used to connect the pump to the airstone or any other piece of equipment you wish to connect it to within the aquarium. Tubing typically comes as a 3/16 inches in diameter, however, make sure to check the dimensions of the dimensions of your pump as some models have different dimensions for tubing.
  • Connectors These connectors come in various sizes and shapes including t-valves and y-valves and give you ways to alter the tubes you use in your configuration.

Best Aquarium Air Pump FAQs

Why Is My Aquarium Air Pump Not Making Any Bubbles?

The most frequent reason for this is a blockage within the tubing (usually when the debris is accumulating). Turn the pump off by the mains and remove the tubing to examine it. Take out any debris then the pump will function as normal.

How Can I Make My Air Pump Quieter?

When your pump is shaking and making excessive noise, try placing it on a soft surface – this will make it less noisy. vibrations.

Which is the Best Aquarium Air Pump (Summary)?

The most effective aquarium air pump will depend on the purpose you’d like to do with it the budget you have set, as well as the level of quietness it provides.

If you’re on an extremely tight budget, the best aquarium air pump for you is one like the Tetra Whisper.

However, if you’ve got more space and are in search of an efficient pump then the Commercial EcoPlus Pump is the ideal aquascape air pump for you.

Have you ever used or used an aquarium pump before? Should you be having any concerns you’d like to ask, feel free to ask them on the discussion part…


Dibyajyoti Bordoloi is the creator and author of FishCampRehab.com, a third-generation experienced fish keeper and owner of a successful pet breeding farm. He is also a member of the Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation And Conservation (Assam), the Marine Aquarium Societies of North East India, and the Kaziranga Nature Conservancy of Assam.

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